West Leeds: Parking measures to benefit residents



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Residents on several streets in a west Leeds village are set to get new parking zones to help them park more easily outside their own homes.

Parts of Farsley will be marked by clear entry and exit signs to prevent non-residents from waiting in residents’ parking areas.

Streets affected by the new parking measures include Richmond Road, Farfield Drive, The Cote, The Walk and Cotefields Avenue.

Fieldhouse Grove, Merton Drive, Merton Gardens and Merton Avenue will also be included in the scheme.

The scheme, which aims to make parking easier, was met with support after a consultation was carried out.

Councillor Rod Wood (Cons, Calverley and Farsley) said the project was something that councillors have been trying to implement for some time.

Coun Wood said: “I am really pleased that this scheme will be delivered for Farsley residents – it is something that local councillors have been looking to introduce for some time.

“I am also pleased that the no waiting restrictions will prevent non-residents from using this local parking space.

“It is hugely important that residents are have right to park their cars outside their homes.”

He added: “It is a real inconvenience to have to park your car a substantial distance from your house.

“I look forward to seeing this scheme completed.”

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