Wartime wonder: Visit to ‘City of Leeds’ aircraft

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A SECOND World War aircraft called the ‘City of Leeds’ has received a special visit from its namesake.

The Swordfish plane, whose components were made in the Blackburn Aircraft factory on Roundhay Road, and built at Sherburn in Elmet, played a key role in a number of important missions during World War II.

It protected many convoys and was part of a major raid on one of the most feared German warships, the Bismarck. The Swordfish took off for this particular mission from the HMS Ark Royal, which also has a historic tie with Leeds, having been adopted by the city in 1942. The plane is now housed at the Fleet Air Army Museum in Somerset, where Lord Mayor of Leeds councillor Thomas Murray recently paid it a visit along with Lady Mayoress Edna Murray.

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