Video: Leeds brawl horror on CCTV (Warning - Contains violent scenes)

Shocking CCTV footage obtained by the YEP shows one of the most violent street attacks ever caught on camera in Leeds.

Police are seeking two of the men involved in the clash in Temple Moor View, Osmondthorpe.

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A bottle is used in the drunken brawl, a woman is on the scene and a man is savagely beaten and kicked.

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Det Insp Nicola Bryar, from North East Leeds CID, said: "This was a violent and ugly incident in which all those involved acted in a disgraceful and dangerous manner."

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Police have carefully edited the film because it is so violent and the remaining footage, now being shown on the Yorkshire Evening Post website, is being broadcast in the hope that it might lead to identifying two of the fighters.

One man has so far been found and a court was shown shocking footage of the drunken brawl between three men after a row over cigarettes.

Dad-of-six Gareth Tate told a Leeds Crown Court judge he thought he would be stabbed to death when a bottle was smashed over his head.

CCTV footage shows Tate, 37, being hit with the weapon by the unknown man before they wrestle on a grass verge.

Another man – who has also never been traced – then joins in and kicks Tate's attacker repeatedly in the head.

At one point he misses his target and instead kicks Tate in the face, breaking his nose.

Police today launched an appeal to trace the two men.

Det Insp Bryar said: "The sentence of Gareth Tate brings one of these men to justice but I would appeal for the public's help in identifying the other two suspects who took part in this vicious assault.

Tate, who was given a suspended setence, handed himself in at a police station after the brawl in Osmondthorpe, last October.

He told Leeds Crown Court how he feared he was going to be stabbed to death with the bottle after it was smashed across his head.

Tate had drunk eight pints in Leeds city centre and was on his way to his local kebab house when the incident happened.

Leeds Watch cameras show Tate in a confrontation with a man, who

appears to be with a female partner.

The men then walk off in separate directions before the unknown man suddenly flies into a rage and the pair run towards each other.

The man is brandishing a bottle and strikes Tate several times across the head with the weapon before it smashes, spraying them both with the liquid.

The two men then exchange punches as they wrestle around on a grass verge before a third man, who has also never been identified, appears on the scene.

The third man - described as the "kicker" in court - then leaves after the attack, keeping his face covered by his hood, aware he is being filmed.

Tate then kicks his rival again in the head as he lays prone on the ground before walking off. Moments later the man then gets to his feet and also leaves the scene..

Tate, of Osmondthorpe Lane, told the court how the man approached him for cigarettes and became aggressive when he refused, calling bespectacled Tate "four eyes."

He said: "I had been slagged off for something because he did not get his own way."

Tate told judge Rodney Grant: "I wish I had just turned and gone."

Tate said he "saw stars" after the bottle was smashed over his head and thought the liquid from the bottle was his blood.

He said he feared for his life when the man threatened to stab him with the bottle.

The dad said: "I have six kids at home. They are no good without their father are they?

"It's not like how it used to be. Twenty years ago you used to be able to go out and have an argument, maybe even a punch up. But these days there are stabbings.

"I knew I had just been bottled, I felt the blow on my head."

Describing the appearance of the "kicker", he said: "This other person came and started putting his two pennorth in.

"I did not know either of them. I even told the person 'it's not your argument'.

Tate said he he went home and glued his own head wound before going to hospital and then to police.

He pleaded guilty to affray

He told the judge: "I knew there was a big CCTV camera but if I was going to do something wrong I would have pulled my jumper over my head, but I didn't. It wasn't what I wanted."

Judge Rodney Grant handed Tate a six months suspended sentence and 240 hours unpaid work.

The judge told him: "I cannot be sure that you held that man, whoever he was, so that man, whoever he was, could kick him."

He added: "What I find to be proved was your aggression that evening and your willingness to fight."

Anyone with information should contact Stainbeck CID via 0845 60 60 606 or Crimestoppers anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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