Two arrested over acid attack

DETECTIVES probing an acid attack which partially blinded a Leeds father have arrested two men.

Officers investigating the attack on 50-year-old Amarjit Singh Uppal swooped on addresses in north east Leeds and arrested two men aged 48 and 51.

The men were detained on suspicion of assault and were taken to an unnamed police station for questioning .

Mr Uppal was attacked at 8.30pm on April 3 as he returned from evening prayers at the Sikh temple in Chapeltown Road, Leeds, where he was secretary.

Moments before the attack, Mr Uppal had seen a man walking up Carr Manor Road, Moortown, Leeds apparently stirring something in a silver foil tray. The man stopped to allow Mr Uppal to pull his car into his house drive, but then hurled the contents of the tray into his eyes.

Instantly Mr Uppal's vision became completely blurred. He ran inside his house and shouted to his wife to call an ambulance while he tried to wash his eyes.

He was rushed to St James's Hospital where his eyes were washed but his vision did not improve.

At the time Mr Uppal told the Yorkshire Evening Post: "My sight did not get better. I was in a state of shock and disbelief. The damage to my eyes is quite severe."

He spent three days in hospital and was warned his sight might never return.

Samples of the solution used to blind Mr Uppal were sent for scientific examination at a London laboratory by the police as they hunted his attacker and probed the reasons behind the attack.

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