Turmoil for football fans watching England defeat at Millennium Square in Leeds

England football fans watch the World Cup match against Uruguay in Millennium Square, Leeds.
England football fans watch the World Cup match against Uruguay in Millennium Square, Leeds.
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THOUSANDS of football fans who packed into Millennium Square tonight were left disappointed after watching England get defeated in their latest World Cup clash.

Around 5,000 people descended on the city centre site to see England lose 2-1 against Uruguay tonight.

The crowd was treated to a performance by samba dancers before kick-off to get everyone in the World Cup spirit.

Mark Atkinson, from Swarcliffe, was at Millennium Square for the game and is jetting off to Brazil tomorrow, with tickets for England’s next fixture.

Mark, 31, said: “I’m off to Brazil tomorrow and I’m excited because it’s Brazil, but disappointed in the fact that England probably isn’t going to go any further.

“I’m gutted in a way because now that game means nothing.

“But then again it’s not really a surprise.”

Laura Smith, who turns 27 tomorrow, was also at Millennium Square. She said: “We’ve come 23 miles from Wetherby to watch the game here. It’s such a good atmosphere and crowd.

“From about 6.30pm everyone was getting excited but I think they wasted all their energy before it started!”

Some of the crowd left at half time but there were still thousands of people cheering on their beloved team throughout the second half.

Freddie Waite, 33, from Cross Gates, said: “It’s the closest we can get to being there without actually going to Brazil.

“The atmosphere is great and everyone was singing the national anthem at the start.”

Speaking about the result, he added: “It’s absolutely gutting but I suppose as England fans we are just used to disappointment.”

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