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Have your say on the new commenting tool for the
Have your say on the new commenting tool for the
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Hundreds of people comment on every day of the week - and we value every one of your views.

Because of that, we have now made it simpler and faster to have your say on all the key issues from city centre redevelopments to the latest transfer for Leeds United.

We are now using Facebook for our comments section. Simply click on the comments icon and log in with your Facebook account and have your say - or read through opinions left by other readers.

The comments section is now easier to use, more accountable and more mobile friendly.

We look forward to finding out your views on all the big subjects.

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Members of the public are being warned about about rogue websites advertising fake premium rate numbers for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' cruelty line.

SCAM ALERT: People warned of fake RSPCA websites advertising premium rate numbers