Tiny triples have spring in their step at Leeds farm

New lambs at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. Picture James Hardisty, (JH1002/76c).

New lambs at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. Picture James Hardisty, (JH1002/76c).

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These tiny triplets are causing a big stir at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm.

The Ryeland trio, who have been nicknamed as “teddy bear” lambs, are just some of the latest new arrivals at the Leeds farm.

The team are currently nursing 12 new lambs at the Meanwood site’s maternity wing.

But the trio, who are all male, have been named after the farm’s three assistants Beth, Karen and Katrina.

Ian Garlick said: “We have got another nine who are due to give birth.

“The new arrivals haven’t been named properly yet but they are named after three girls who work here even though they are boys.

“They are getting on fine and their mum Betsy is really looking after them all.

“They certainly like to bounce around a lot so that is always a good sign and visitors really like them.

“When you start to see the daffodils then we start to see the lambs but this breed are quite rare.”

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