Tadcaster ‘split in half’ by bridge collapse

Locals look at the bridge in Tadcaster. PIC: PA

Locals look at the bridge in Tadcaster. PIC: PA

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Environment Secretary Liz Truss said rebuilding Tadcaster’s partially-collapsed bridge was a “national priority” as she visited the town.

Large parts of the bridge over the Wharfe dramatically fell into the water on Tuesday, causing a gas leak.

Ms Truss said during the visit that the bridge was in a “terrible state” because of the torrents of water caused by the flooding.

She said: “The town is split in half, and one of the things that I am here to say in Tadcaster is that it is a national priority to get this bridge up and running again.”

The cordon around the gas pipe was lifted today (Dec 30) and residents returned home.

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