Susan hops to it and cares for abandoned baby hares

Susan Sroka pictured with the leveret, she helped to rescue. Picture by Simon Hulme

Susan Sroka pictured with the leveret, she helped to rescue. Picture by Simon Hulme

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Caring Susan Sroka has spent the last two decades helping to give abandoned baby hares a spring in their step.

Susan, 56, has helped to handraise almost 50 tiny hares before releasing them back into the wild.

And this cute little furry friend is just the latest arrival to her home in Oulton, Leeds.

Susan’s newest hare, who hasn’t been named, was rescued from Newcastle with the help of the RSPCA and Hare Preservation Trust.

The tiny leveret is set to spend the next few weeks living with Susan until he is strong enough to be released back into the wild.

Susan said: “For his age he is very small and when they are this small they are just all fur.

“They are just absolutely beautiful.

“There is something quite magical about them.”

And the hare-enthusiast even receives emails from across the globe from people asking for tips on how to care for the animals after finding them injured in the road.

She added: “The main thing is to get them back in the wild as quickly as possible.

“It is a great thing to release them but I do have a few days where I am fretting and worrying about what will happen to them.

“I try not to get too attached.

“The enjoyment I get from releasing them back into the wild takes over any sadness I have.”

Susan, who featured on the BBC’s Great British Wildlife Revival last year, says that the Easter bunny is actually a hare.

She said: “The Easter bunny is actually a hare and I think most people will be quite surprised.”

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