Slideshow: Michael Jackson at Roundhay Park 1988

The King of Pop performed for the first time in Roundhay Park back in 1988.

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More than 60,000 fans turned out for the concert which was hailed at the time by critics as "perhaps the most dazzling two hours of showmanship ever witnessed in Britain."

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Lines of laser lights, a myriad of lights and huge explosions illumninated the arena in an impressive display of pop fantasy designed to promote his Dangerous album.

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One reviewer wrote: "When the opening fanfare reached a climax he shot out of the stage in a Jack-in-a-box and stood motionless in front of a seas of adoring faces for a full two minutes.

"One regal turn of the head brought a mightly roar from the crowd and he was off."

Earlier Michael Jackson had arrived at the park in a 15 truck cavalcade which made its way north from his London base.

By the end of the night police had made 11 arrests - for vehicle damage and ticketless fans trying to storm the fences.