Shock as girl, 4, is bitten by snake in her own home

Wajihah Sarmad.
Wajihah Sarmad.
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A four-year-old girl has been bitten by a snake which had found its way into her home and camouflaged itself against a rug in the family’s living room.

Terrified Wajihah Sarmad suffered a foot injury and was rushed to hospital after the bite from the one-and-a-half-foot American corn snake.

Wajihah’s nine-month-old sister, Sameehah, had been on the sofa only feet away while the snake had been lying camouflaged in the living room of the family home in Bradford.

The children’s dad, Sarmad Ilyas, 34, was in the kitchen along with other family members when his daughter was bitten.

“Wajihah came running in shouting that something was crawling.

“I went in but I didn’t see it because it blended into the rug – but I realised it was a coiled-up snake,” he said.

Mr Illyas said the snake was placid when he approached it, but he believed it bit his daughter because she accidentally trod on it.

“Wajihah got a bandage and some antibiotics. She is fine now, although she was limping for a bit,” he said.

An RSPCA spokesman said it was seeing a lot of young corn snakes at the moment.


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