Row over brother's 'ghost bike' tribute to dead cyclist

A pushbike painted white and placed as a roadside 'ghost bike' tribute to a cyclist killed by a truck was confiscated by a West Yorkshire council.

Andrew Spink, 43, placed the bike on a traffic island near Wakefield city centre to mark the birthday of brother Tony, 41, who was struck by a lorry and killed on Charlesworth Way in July 2007

Mr Spink painted the bike white and wrote a memorial plaque before placing it near the accident scene last Sunday, in a bid to remind drivers to take extra care near cyclists.

But Wakefield Council of?cers con?scated it the following morning.

Mr Spink, of Featherstone, said his brother believed passionately that cyclists should be kept safe.

"It is outrageous they can use this argument. The bike was directly in the line of sight of traf?c and was no more distracting than a bunch of ?owers or a billboard."

Ian Thompson, of Wake?eld Council, said: "While we recognise that people want to remember loved ones, we have to balance this with the safety of all road users. We apologise to Mr Spink and will be looking into whether ghost bikes can be placed safely."

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