Revie era revived in song

Songwriter's hard-hitting lyrics bring back memories of life in the 70s

by Richard Edwards

FOR A decade from the mid 1960s, Don Revie's Leeds United swept all football rivals before them.

As a child growing up in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, Luke Haines, below, found the team's exploits forming some of his earliest memories.

Fast forward more than 30 years, and Luke has committed those memories, and many more 1970s images, to a song.

Titled simply Leeds United, the song namechecks many memories Loiners will have from the seventies, some still with us, others long gone.

There are mentions for Teddy Boys, seen regularly in the sixties and seventies but now a rare breed, Leeds-based DJ legend Sir Jimmy Savile and ITV's World of Sport programme.

Another section of the lyric namechecks much loved motors the Ford Cortina Mark II and the Vauxhall Viva, while there is even a mention for the YEP.

The song is far from being a misty-eyed piece of nostalgia, laying bare some uncomfortable 1970s memories. While Revie's team were fantastic footballers, Elland Road was a fearsome place to visit in the 70s and this is referenced in the song.

And Luke also refers back when the Yorkshire Ripper had the county living in fear with the memorable line "the devil came to Yorkshire in the silver Jubilee."

Luke, now writing and performing as a solo artist after spells fronting The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof and Black Box Recorder, said he has a "love-hate" relationship with the seventies.

He said Leeds United grew from an earlier work, The Rubettes, that saw him criticising the huge nostalgia industry that built up around the 1970s.

"I was a kid in the 1970s and the memories aren't like one of those 'I Love the 1970s programmes'," he said. "I wanted to write about the darker side of the seventies.

"It is not really about Leeds United Football Club, the reason the club is mentioned was because it was the biggest and had quite a reputation for trouble.

"The older you get the more you start writing about what is indelibly stamped on your mind."

Asked whether his view on the seventies is more love than hate, Luke replied: "That is a tough one. It is possibly an obsession.

"When you are a songwriter things pop into your head and you have no choice but to take them to their logical conclusion."

l Luke's new album, Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop, will be released on Degenerate Music on October 30. He will play Leeds Cockpit in November as part of his national tour.


When I get home my wife will kill me

She's so house proud, don't tread dirt into the carpet

Stop for a pint in Chapeltown

Lights turn to red and then they go out

And for the price of five pounds

It's what the seventies were about


Leeds United, Leeds United

From Wakefield to the Ridings

To the ground at Elland Road

Leeds United Leeds United

It's a 13-0 defeat on the front page of the Post

A last minute substitution but we didn't have the talent

We were beaten I was gutted I was sick as a parrot

Leeds United

Leeds United

Every Saturday night at the Teddy Boys' disco

It's good to be young leave the wife at home now

Propping up the bar World Of Sport then fixing the car

You're on a mission from God

It's what the weekend's all about

It's good to be young now

Leeds United Leeds United

Mark II Ford Cortina Vauxhall Viva Ford Corsair

On the terraces of Leeds United

One voice is silent he's the man with jet black hair

And come to bed eyes that's what he had

It's just another wet Saturday afternoon with the lads

Leeds United

Leeds United

Leeds United

Leeds United

Little monsters in the hall

Little blighters in the carpet

They're hidden in the walls

In the attic and in the cupboards

And in the house of Lords

The chamber of horrors at Madame Tussauds

Out with the old we've got to make room for them all

Leeds Utd Leeds Utd

There but for the grace of God we go

Leeds Utd Leeds Utd

Bad season after season at Elland Road

Leeds Utd Leeds Utd

No leads for the West Yorkshire police

In concrete Leeds Victorian Leeds

There's a killer on the terraces better call in Doris Stokes

The devil came to Yorkshire in the silver Jubilee

It could be Kendo Nagasaki Jimmy Savile or the Queen

Leeds Utd

Leeds Utd

Leeds Utd

Leeds Utd

The North, the North

Where we do what we want

The North the North

Where we do what we like