Project rewarding residents volunteering in Leeds flooding clean-up

Volunteers clear out Bridge Craft Interiors, in Kirkstall Road. Picture by Simon Hulme.
Volunteers clear out Bridge Craft Interiors, in Kirkstall Road. Picture by Simon Hulme.
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The Leeds Community Timebank is rewarding volunteers helping to clean up Kirkstall following the Boxing Day floods.

The project allows people who spend their time helping others to collect time credits for their work, which can be spent on requesting help or donated to a community pot for use on local projects.

Tamsin Macdonald, 30, who is the project coordinator for the LS6 Timebank said that since the floods, some people had spent hundreds of hours working to clean up the affected area, so it made sense to offer her support by enabling volunteers to sign up and claim their time credits.

She also said she hoped the collaboration would help to encourage people to keep volunteering as the recovery continued.

She said: “What’s really good is that with the floods, people are really emotionally moved by what they see and want to help, but that kind of dwindles over a few weeks.

“The timebank enables it to continue. Since the floods we have had quite a lot of people getting in contact and we are always welcoming new people.”

Phil Marken, 29, who has coordinated the clean up operation in Kirkstall from Open Source Arts on Kirkstall Road, said the team had been heartened by the response they had received from the community.

He said: “There have already been over 3000 volunteer hours clocked up since we started.

“We are really looking forward to the celebration we’ll be having when this is all over.”

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