How Corbyn’s ‘ram-packed’ rail journey unfolded

Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the floor of a train, as seen in a Guardian video
Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the floor of a train, as seen in a Guardian video
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Here is a timeline of Jeremy Corbyn’s Virgin Trains journey from King’s Cross to Newcastle on August 11.

• 11.00am - Jeremy Corbyn’s train leaves London King’s Cross bound for Newcastle, where he was due to attend a Labour leadership hustings opposite Owen Smith in Gateshead.

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• 11.07am - The Labour leader is captured on CCTV walking down the aisle of coach H, approximately seven minutes after leaving King’s Cross. The footage is time-stamped at 11.10am owing to the system clock being three minutes fast, Virgin Trains said. He passes “several empty, unreserved seats”, according to the rail operator.

• 11.08am - Passing through coach F, Mr Corbyn walks by several reserved seats which are reportedly empty, meaning passengers are free to sit in them. Separate video uploaded to Twitter by Charles B Anthony, who accompanied him on the train, claims to show Mr Corbyn walking down a carriage of full seats. It is unclear which coach this is filmed in.

• 11.29am - Having walked to the end of the train, the Labour leader begins filming while sitting on the train floor. During a piece to camera, he says: “Today this train is completely ram-packed.”

• 11.43am - Footage shows him returning to coach H, where he takes a seat, according to Virgin Trains.

• Between 12.50pm and 12.53pm - The train makes its first scheduled stop at York.

• Between 1.19pm and 1.21pm - It pulls into its second stop, Darlington.

• 1.54pm - Mr Corbyn leaves coach H at Newcastle station, after the train arrived approximately five minutes late.

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