Police in Leeds swap cars for bikes to tackle burglary

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Police in Leeds will swap their cars and sirens for a set of borrowed bikes in a bid to tackle burglary.

Starting this week, officers in plain clothes will patrol suburban areas as part of the latest covert tactic to reduce the number of burglaries.

Officers will use bikes that have previously been recovered as suspected stolen property, and have been kept in police stores as their rightful owners cannot be traced. The project is part of West Yorkshire Police’s Viper initiative, which aims to target the county’s most prolific burglars by using crime profiling and intelligence systems to get officers in the right places at the right times.

Since the Viper initiative came into effect last year, 920 offences and 1,000 fewer victims have been recorded since April, compared to the same time period last year.

Superintendent Pat Casserly said: “Criminals had been pedalling misery into the homes of families before we started Viper last year, but with this added tactic, we can make it harder still for burglars to operate.”


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