Police found one of UK's most wanted criminals hiding behind a wardrobe in West Yorkshire



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One of the UK's "most wanted" criminals will be deported after he was found hiding behind a wardrobe at address in West Yorkshire, police have said.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police found the man during a search in Girlington, Bradford, on Saturday.

He was wanted in connection with multiple serious sexual offences in Slovakia and will now be deported from the UK, police said.

A Facebook post by West Yorkshire Police's Bradford West team said four officers had "conducted inquiries in the Girlington area for one of the UK's most wanted males who had links to the area".

The post continued: "He was wanted in connection with multiple serious sexual offences back in Slovakia and liable to deportation.

"After speaking with members of the local community, four different addresses in Girlington were searched by the above officers.

"The male was located at the fourth address hiding behind a wardrobe.

"He was arrested and taken to the detention centre from where he will be removed from the UK."

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