Pint sized pigs are hit on Leeds farm

HI BABE: One of the six new micro pigs at St. Leonard's Farm, Esholt, meets a young chick.

HI BABE: One of the six new micro pigs at St. Leonard's Farm, Esholt, meets a young chick.

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THEY’RE the pint-sized porkers causing a big stir on a farm near Leeds.

The litter of six micro pigs has just come kicking and oinking into the world at St Leonard’s Farm Park in Esholt.

They tipped the scales at around 9oz apiece at birth and today, just under a fortnight later, are each still only about seven inches long.

Unsurprisingly, the super-cute new arrivals are proving a popular attraction among visitors to the petting farm.

But they’re also getting on well with the other animals and birds at St Leonard’s, not least this curious chick, pictured above.

Farmer James Wainhouse said: “They are living in a sheep barn with a heat lamp they can go under if they get a bit cold.

“There’s sheep in there, of course, and chickens and goats too, and so far it’s happy families.”

The litter was born to Bonnie and Clyde, a pair of micro pigs who arrived at St Leonard’s last October.

Members of their brood, who have yet to be given names, will eventually grow to be about 2ft long.

Micro pigs are bred generation by generation, with the smallest members of consecutive litters being selected for mating until the tiny versions of the original animals are produced.

They have become increasingly popular as household pets in recent years.

The RSPCA, however, has expressed concern about their suitability for domestication.

* For details on visits to the farm, go to the website or ring 01274 598795.

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