Parties name election candidates

THE BRITISH National Party WILL be fielding a candidate in inner-city Leeds in next month’s council elections, it has been confirmed.

The far right group’s Mark Collett, 21, is standing in the Harehills ward, where a large proportion of the population is Asian.

The Yorkshire Evening Post revealed in January that Mr Collett, leader of his party’s youth wing, was considering putting his name forward in the area.

There were immediate calls for the BNP to reconsider its plans amid fears its presence in Harehills would stir up racial tensions. But in the finalised list of nominations Mr Collett is shown as one of the five candidates for Harehills.

But claims that the BNP and fellow far righters the National Front were ready to stand in a string of other wards in May have proved wide of the mark. The list of nominations reveals Mr Collett – a student at Leeds University – is the only member of either party to be running for election in the city.

Across Leeds as a whole, a total of 33 seats will be contested on May 2.

Of those, 23 are currently held by Labour, four by the Liberal Democrats, five by the Conservatives and one is Independent Socialist-controlled.


*denotes sitting candidate

BNP British National

C Conservative

G Green

I Independent

L Labour

LA Left Alliance

LD Liberal Democrat

SA Socialist Alternative

SAL Socialist Alliance

SL Socialist Labour

RLD Ripon Liberal Democrat

Leeds City Council nominated candidates 2002:

Aireborough: Addison T (L), Hutton I (LD), Thakur MC (C).

Armley: *Lowe ANK (L), Russell L (G), Thompson BH (LD), Welsh S (C).

Barwick and Kippax: Bagnall AE (LD), Dewhirst P (SL), Holmes EA (G), *Parker JK (L), Shelbrooke AE (C).

Beeston: Birch WJ (C), Dear M (SAL), Fenton K (LD), *Gabriel A (L), Pritchard JC (G).

Bramley: *Atkinson D (L), Avison CC (G), Best MK (C), Burke JW (LD).

Burmantofts: Blanchard S (G), Garvani (L), Hyde PJ (C), Pryke RD (LD).

Chapel Allerton: Frankland JGB (LA), Silver MB (LD), *Taggart N (L), Zander JM (C).

City and Holbeck: Davey PG (L), Jones D (SA), Khan S (LD), Laycock RA (C).

Cookridge: Bates JJ (LD), *Carter JL (C), McCargo (L), Scarth PG (G).

Garforth and Swillington: Dowling IG (LD), *Marshall K (L), Semple RMG (C).

Halton: *Benson LH (L), Hollingsworth DE (LD), Murphy R (G), Schofield D (C).

Harehills: *Akhtar J (LD), Collett MA (BNP), Harington RJU (L), Hudson C (G), Steenson KJ (C).

Headingley: Hamilton M (LD), *Illingworth DV (L), Jeffries LE (G), Owen KL (SAL), Riley DA (C).

Horsforth: Binns AK (G), Hanley EA (L), Hardcastle JR (C), *Townsley C (LD).

Hunslet: Blake JV (L), Graham J (LD), Gray F (G), Jackson JD (SAL), Larvin AJ (C).

Kirkstall: *Atha BP (L), De Vere NM (LD), Reed ML (G), Richmond IS (C).

Middleton: Allen RF (C), Capstick P (G), Fisher S (LD), Langham DP (L).

Moortown: Davies MF (LA), Ingoldby CH (C), *Lancaster B (LD), Young BR (L).

Morley North: Dracup IG (G), Finnigan R (I), Golton CM (LD), Jamieson KJ (C), Platt G (L).

Morley South: Boynton D (C), *Bradley S (L), Harris RA (LD).

North Ward: Chapman JM (LD), Coupar D (L), *Feldman RD (C), Jackson B (LA).

Otley and Wharfedale: Eveleigh J (L), Francis N (C), Hoskins JJ (LD), Marchant PR (G).

Pudsey North: King MR (L), *Robinson F (C), Turnbull SM (G), Wilson C (LD).

Pudsey South: Clarke Y (G), Glover CA (LD), *Lewis RA (L), Widdas HA (C).

Richmond Hill: *McGee E (L), Norman KC (LD), Skinner S (SAL), Wheeler MEJ (C).

Rothwell: Cowling J (C), *Hudson A (L), Willey KE (LD).

Roundhay: Christie M (LA), *Harrand PM (C), Johnston CE (G), O’Grady I (L), Skinner JA (LD).

Seacroft: *Davey MJ (L), Davies PM (LD), Townsley (C).

University: Eikonoklastes BNJ (G), Hall PDG (L), Hussain A (LD), Winfield RJW (C).

Weetwood: Castle GF (C), *Golton BS (LD), Sobel AD (L), Webb DC (G).

Wetherby: Conybeare EF (LD), Lewis J (L), *Procter JM (C).

Whinmoor: Grahame PM (L), Kendall V (C), Welby MC (LD).

Wortley: *Bedford MJ (L), Blackburn A (G), Broadbent G (C), Ewens J (LD).

Harrogate Borough Council nominated candidates 2002

Bilton: Adderley H (C), Adderley RA (C), Dobell NH (L), Lightfoot M (LD), Richold DA (LD).

Granby: de Courcey-Bailey MAC (LD), Fox JM (LD), King DT (L), Pearson DG (C), Singleton PA (C).

Harlow Moor: Blayney JE (LD), Bradwell AA (I), Jones K (L), Simister DG (L), Theakston SFO (C), Turner PL (LD).

High Harrogate: Armitage PH (I), Cunningham EL (L), Hartmann WAC (C), Macare SR (LD), Peyton CE (C), Webber MD (LD).

Hookstone: France MAP (L), Laycock MPL (C), Marsh PA (LD), Marsh R (LD), Rimington D (C).

Low Harrogate: Alliston RY (LD), Butterfield JM (C), Colman CE (L), Cooper ER (C), Marshall JW (LD).

New Park Ward: Crowther JM (LD), Dennis AP (C), Dennis SA (C), Richard WM (LD), Robinson GR (L).

Pannal: Coltman C (L), Dunsby BL (I), Gardner M (C), Morris AK (LD), Newby JM (LD), Willis FG (C).

Rossett: Boddy P (LD), Chapman TJ (LD), Clark J (C), Mountford GC (L), Nash RF (C).

Saltergate: Galvin B (C), Newby MJ (LD), Payne KA (C), Webber GF (LD).

Starbeck: Broadbank PA (LD), Dixon PG (C), Fletcher JF (C), Foxall PA (L), Ward G (LD).

Stray: Coultas B (I), Jones PA (C), Kelley CE (LD), Kilpatrick CEC (LD), Newby RL (L), Trotter CW (C).

Woodfield: Caunt P (L), Foxall GRD (L), Muldoon D (C), Pritchard AJ (C), Wren JPB (LD).

Knaresborough East: Aspin RW (C), Farmer AE (L), Hayton M (L), Hoult B (LD), Jackson MG (C), Tankard DJ (LD).

Knaresborough King James: Crosthwaite DT (L), Hall R (LD), Hutchings SR (L), Maude TR (LD), Smith D (C), Smith JA (C).

Knaresborough Scriven Park: Beatham A (L), Hawkins KB (LD), Hill MJ (C), Jones A (LD), Smith M (C), Wright AJ (L).

Ripon Minster: Collyer AR (C), Hawke SJ (RLD), MacKintosh S (C), Martin SA (RLD).

Ripon Moorside: Harrison DJ (RLD), Jones SJ (RLD), Simpson AJ (C), Williams A (I), Woodward FC (C).

Ripon Spa: Curlewis RG (C), Freeman PG (RLD), Pearson PRP (LD), Skidmore AF (RLD).

Bishop Monkton: Barlow PS (LD), Galloway IR (C).

Boroughbridge: Cooper F (I), Dicken R (L), Lumsden B (C), Phillips P (LD).

Claro: Bean MA (C), Rothwell K (LD).

Killinghall: Bury MR (C), Stockdale JW (LD).

Kirkby Malzeard: Atkinson MA (C), O’Keefe E (LD).

Lower Nidderdale: Hinchcliffe EA (C), Watson T (LD).

Marston Moor: Firth GM (LD), O’Connor PJ (L), Sturdy JC (C).

Mashamshire: Foster J (LD), Simms N (C).

Newby: Harrison P (LD), Wilson C (C).

Nidd Valley: Carter DE (C), Ellington LT (LD).

Ouseburn: Alton WA (C), Lewis CK (LD).

Pateley Bridge: Beer SH (LD), Boyden SMW (L).

Ribston: Bayliss CJ (C), Godsell P (LD).

Spofforth with Lower Wharfedale: Burdett JL (LD), Fawcett SP (C).

Washburn: Grange R (C), Wensley R (LD).

Wathvale: Brown CB (C).

Town’s traders vow to crack down on crime


TRADERS are going head to head with experienced councillors in their continuing campaign against crime, public nuisance and traffic congestion in Harrogate.

Brian Dunsby, of Perlex Associates, is one of a group of independent business people concerned about the increasing threat to the town and are standing in the forthcoming election.

As the transport spokesman for Harrogate Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Mr Dunsby says that his main concern is the severe congestion on the main trunk roads through Harrogate, which causes increasing delays for commuters, shoppers and business traffic while also creating excessive pollution for nearby residential areas.

The independent candidates are also concerned about the rising level of household burglary and car theft. They are also concerned about the increasing number of bars and nightclubs in the town centre which they say are causing excessive noise and public nuisance.

Mr Dunsby, who is standing for election in the Panal ward, said: “We need to show that Harrogate has zero tolerance towards burglars and car thieves who think Harrogate offers rich pickings.”

l New electoral wards are being created this year following a review of Harrogate Borough Council’s electoral boundaries.

The review has resulted in a reduction in the number of councillors, from 59 to 54, but these councillors will now serve 35 wards instead of 32.

There will be a total borough-wide election on May 2.

A council spokesman said: “Because of the expected fluctuation in population figures since the last boundary review in the 1980s, there was a wide variation in the number of electors represented by each councillor.”

Alex Newman, partner at Irwin Mitchell in Leeds

Yorkshire’s cities face slowdown as South East prospers, says report