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Aisha Iqbal: We’re rewriting our European story

This week, we at the YEP have been getting behind the bid for Leeds to become the European Capital of Culture in 2023.

Do Leeds town hall big wigs think we were born yesterday?

Do Leeds town hall big wigs think we were born yesterday?

The Grumpy Loiner is fed up of being told what to do by folk who think the Lamb and Flag is a yoga position. They don’t know their Pal-ace from the their elbows, and I’ve been hired to tell a few home truths...

FANTASY: Beyonc� is a goddess with feet of clay - hopefully.

Jayne Dawson: Beyoncé, that baby pic and the wonder of the internet

Sometimes I love the internet so much it actually hurts.

Kelly Pegg: The modern day frustrations of searching for Mr Right

Kelly Pegg: The modern day frustrations of searching for Mr Right

When you’re in a relationship it’s so easy to take your partner for granted, I do it all the time.

Will it be lift-off for Leeds with a Yorkshire-wide devolution deal? Bill Adams of the TUC thinks so.

Bill Adams: Listen to region in drive for devolution

AS a Lancashire lad, who’s spent 18 years in Yorkshire, I was hugely disappointed to read Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry’s comments on a Yorkshire deal in this newspaper last week.

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HS2 and HS3

YP Comment: HS2 is just the beginning. Now let’s bring HS3 to the north

THE Government’s confirmation of plans to extend the HS2 network to Yorkshire should be welcomed as an indication of much-needed investment in the North.

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PIMP AND GLORY? Temple Works  in Marshall Street, Leeds. Picture: Tony Johnson.

Aisha Iqbal: Give me jobs and investment over pimped-up industrial relics any day

At what point does our rose tinted view of the past become an obstacle to our future progress?

Politics 7
Theresa May became PM a year ago.

Tom Richmond: May has chance to build a legacy, if she gambles again

THERESA May has answered one critical question about her political future – it is, she says, her intention to soldier on as Prime Minister after her general election gamble misfired.

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FRESH START: It's decorating - but it's also rewriting history.

Jayne Dawson: Wiping out your past is easy – just grab a pot of paint

Live in a house long enough and you will erase many past lives. Your children grow, styles change, your stuff gets old fashioned, or it just plain wears out.

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BABY TWO: Kellys baby scan photograph.

Kelly Pegg: Don’t worry if you don’t experience pregnancy Zen

A friend of mine is pregnant with her first and is about two weeks ahead of me.

There will be no Yorkshire-wide devolution, says Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry.

Jake Berry: Forget Yorkshire devolution, cities will lead region’s resurgence

AS a Lancashire lad, you might expect that I’d be uneasy crossing the Pennines.

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CRAZY DAYS: Mad-for-it 1980s WWF wrestlers Legion of Doom can now be seen just about every week on the Otley Run

Trump brings back glory days of WWF buffoonery

I am sorry but I cannot get overly worked up about the Donald Trump CNN take-down video. It’s utterly hilarious.

The late Andrew Sachs, best known for playing chaotic Spanish waiter Manuel in Fawlty Towers. Photo: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire. In many modern establishments, real-life bar and waiting staff are expect to cover Dine and Dash till losses from their own pockets.

Stephanie Smith: How ‘Dine and Dash’ hurts hard-working waiters

One late afternoon a couple of weeks ago, we called into a bar-restaurant in the town centre.

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The YEP's Chris Burn test drove an electric car around Leeds earlier this year.
 Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe

Aisha Iqbal: Is Leeds’s drive towards cleaner, greener cars more than just an electric dream?

This week, we saw three significant developments at local, national and international level which suggest the electric car changeover is gathering real momentum.

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York's notorious Hopgrove roundabout.

Barry Dodd: A64 highway to holiday hell can be an engine of growth

IT’S become a Yorkshire experience; that trip to the coast that quickly turns into frustration.

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Prince Harry is speaking at a conference in Leeds today on the issue of mental health.

Andrew Molodynski: The mental health lottery only adds to patients’ stress

FOR all the progress made in recent years on raising awareness of mental health issues and encouraging people to seek help, this is somewhat redundant when patients are left without access to necessary mental health services.


Kelly Pegg: How many times is enough when getting hitched?

I don’t think anyone gets married thinking they will be doing it again in a few years time with someone different.

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Jeremy Paxman.

Jayne Dawson: Be less Jeremy and more Julie to make a happy world

It’s difficult to know where to start really, because the differences are just so vast.

Drunken behaviour on aeroplanes is becoming a growing menace - and danger - to passengers.

Andrew Vine: A nightmare at 30,000ft of air rage and ‘floozing’

I WAS introduced to a new word for the first time the other day – floozing.

Opinion 4
The suffragette Emily Davison is the inspiration behind the #Emilymatters campaign.

Kate Willoughby: More young voters need to find their voice and honour suffragettes like Emily Davison

WITH the agreement now solidified between the Tories and the DUP, the 2017 election appears to have been finally put to rest. What started as an ‘impossible to lose’ election for the Tories surprised most commentators and resulted in a deal that many are now questioning.

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