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Aisha Iqbal: Let’s not blur the lines between courage, free speech and hate

I increasingly fear the souls have fallen out of two of my favourite things - journalism and politics.

Alexandra Shulman. PIC: PA

Jayne Dawson: Why a middle-aged woman in a bikini is creating a stir

Well then, she has created quite the controversy. Alexandra Shulman I mean, she who was editor of upmarket fashion magazine Vogue for 25 years.

Bernard Kenny, the hero who tried to save murdered Jo Cox, has died.

The Yorkshire Post says: A selfless hero - The OAP who tried to save Jo Cox

BERNARD KENNY will always be remembered as the most unassuming of national heroes.
Brave Bernard Kenny, the man who tried to save Jo Cox, has died.

Bernard Kenny: The have-a-go hero who showed 'selfless courage' in the face of pure hatred

Bernard Kenny, the humble have-a-go hero who showed "selfless courage" in an attempt to protect murdered MP Jo Cox from her attacker, has died aged 79.

Samuel Saiz celebrates his goal against Port Vale.

Rob Atkinson: Future’s bright for the boys in white

Elland Road on Wednesday night had that air of a football stadium being dragged at long last into the 21st century - not kicking and screaming, but purring with a deeply fulfilled sense of gratified satisfaction.

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Business leaders now need to galvanise the devolution debate, says Chris Hearld.

Chris Hearld: ‘Devolution gap’ looms if region fails to act fast

THE weekend sees the country’s first six metro mayors reach 100 days in power since their elections in May.

Leeds Bradford Airport. Photo: Danny Lawson/ PA Wire

Aisha Iqbal: We need more than a flight of fancy for the future of Leeds Bradford Airport

I don’t like things that are big and show-offy for the sake of it.

Transport 10
Leeds Imam Qari Asim.

Qari Asim: Imam’s appeal at Friday prayers to Muslims over sex grooming scandal

FOLLOWING the conviction of 17 Asian men from Newcastlem, British Muslims and those of Asian heritage cannot avoid the question that men of their heritage are disproportionately involved in localised, street grooming of vulnerable girls.

Our city 6
Brendan Foster was the inspiration behind the Great North Run.

Tom Richmond: Setting pace for a healthy nation as politicians stumble

THE hurdles that legendary runner-turned-commentator Brendan Foster had to overcome when setting up the original Great North Run illustrated the best and worst of Britain.

Dr Angela Goyal. Picture by Simon Hulme

Dr Angela Goyal: Diets can be crucial to our overall health

Over the past 20 years as a doctor I have come to the conclusion that modern medicine is often only applying a sticky plaster to patients by prescribing long-term medicines.

Kelly Pegg: Sleep problems: when it’s time to call in an expert

Kelly Pegg: Sleep problems: when it’s time to call in an expert

As I sat at my computer hovering over my email I knew deep down something had to be done.

Prince Charles and Diana at Live Aid in 1985.

Stephanie Smith: The princess’s tale - how Diana tried to shape this world

The fault was in their stars, perhaps, but the doomed relationship between Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer is one of the saddest Royal marriage stories ever told.

Are our energy prices a rip-off?

OPINION: Electricity is a rip-off – we need a truly radical intervention in the energy market

British Gas has raised electricity prices by 12.5% and its rivals are likely to follow suit. Another round of inflation-busting increases has put calls for an energy price cap back on the agenda.
Sean Bean in Game of Thrones... he epitomised Northern honour

Comment: The North needs to make a stand

I don’t want to get all Game of Thrones on you but The North needs to make a stand.

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Shattered and exhausterd firefighters at the scene of the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Tom Richmond: Let’s honour Britain’s real heroes after Grenfell blaze and terror attacks

FIFTY days ago, Britain was, once again, in awe of the heroic work of the emergency services as the nation came to terms with the Grenfell Tower disaster – and the catastrophic loss of life.

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Aisha Iqbal: Anyone for a Yorkshire devolution referendum?

I learnt something fascinating this week about the nonsense of Government red tape and how it can impact on our everyday lives.

Sir Vince Cable is leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Sir Vince Cable: We need to get organised quickly over our EU exit

YORKSHIRE shows the Brexit divide. My boyhood town of York voted Remain as did Leeds and Harrogate. Sheffield almost did.

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Fitness Column: The end of a beautiful relationship...

Fitness Column: The end of a beautiful relationship...

‘What on earth are you doing?’ exclaimed my other half when he spotted me barefoot and hands on hips attempting to open the kitchen door with my feet.

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KEEP IT SIMPLE: School summer holidays have become an industry - time to turn back the clock and play more.

Jayne Dawson: Please stop all this fuss about the school holidays

I don’t like saying stuff like this, I promise you I don’t. You know me, I’m a modern kind of a gal at heart.

Kelly Pegg: Is it ever okay to look through your partner’s phone?

Kelly Pegg: Is it ever okay to look through your partner’s phone?

Have you ever snooped through a loved one’s phone or emails?

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