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Jayne Dawson: Hold on to your hats – the Trump show is starting

Today (Jan 20), Donald Trump will take over as the 45th president of the United States in a grand ceremony in Washington DC.

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Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu.

Tom Richmond: Devolution – Reward Archbishop’s faith and unite behind region

LET me say what Yorkshire’s distinguished business leaders were too polite to highlight in their open letter on devolution published by this newspaper last Saturday – political parochialism is preventing this great county from becoming an even greater success story.

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Kelly Pegg: Would you take off your wedding ring on a night out?

A friend of mine is planning a girls’ night out. She hasn’t had one in a very long time. As a mother of three she is mostly run off her feet so it will be the first time in a while that she’s got glammed up.

Piers Morgan, pictured here with co-presenter Susanna Reid, told Wakefield mum Sarah Louise Bryan she was "the worst kind of parent" last week on ITV's Good Morning Britain. Jonathan Ford/ITV/PA Wire

Stephanie Smith: Is it right or fair to target mums for ridicule?

When did the mums of young children become social pariahs, parked at the top of the UK’s most-hated list, alongside bankers, estate agents, politicians and journalists?

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HEALTHY EATING: Encourage shoppers to buy wisely year-round.

Blaise Tapp: The diet bandwagon begins to roll again

Over the years I have come up with a variety of strategies to cope with the tedium of frequent visits to the supermarket.

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Kelly Pegg: We all need to take time out to spoil ourselves a bit more

Kelly Pegg: We all need to take time out to spoil ourselves a bit more

Since starting on the breakfast show at Radio Aire, a little over a year ago, I’ve struggled massively with life/work balance.

Gary Barlow.

Jayne Dawson: Your talent show is total pants – so take that, Gary

Ouch! My poor old ears. What’s that awful noise? Is it screeching…?

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The old building.

Blaise Tapp: Your local pub needs you more than ever

We are regularly told that January is the most miserable month of the lot: 31 short days and long cold nights when very few of us have any cash and are full of self loathing.

Nicola Adams.

Kelly Pegg: Let’s aspire to be something other than a celeb this year

So we are into another year and no doubt you, just like myself, have already set yourself new goals for the year ahead.

Jane Fonda.

Jayne Dawson: The trends for 2017 – and which ones to embrace

Well then, let’s not talk resolutions. Silly things. If resolutions worked we would all have run out of ways to improve ourselves by the age of 30.

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Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman play husband and wife John and Mary Watson in Sherlock, which is back on BBC1 on Sunday nights. The couple announced their real-life split last month, saying that is "very amicable" and showing all couples, married or not, that it is possible to achieve a discreet, dignified and friendly separation. Picture courtesy of the BBC.

Stephanie Smith: Happy Divorce Day ... but be careful what you wish for

Congratulations to all married couples who manage to survive Divorce Day. That’s the first working day back after New Year, apparently, and lawyers have been bracing themselves (or rubbing their hands in glee) for the expected annual rush of those seeking to untie the knot.

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Qari Asim.

Qari Asim: We must all unite against intolerance

EVERY New Year begins full of challenges, but the outlook for 2017 is shrouded with political and economic uncertainty.

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Spending on social care should take precedence over foreign aid, says MP Philip Davies. Do you agree?

Philip Davies: Social care must take priority over foreign aid

WHEN it comes to international aid, there seems to be a particular rhetoric used to tarnish anyone who questions its use. It is spun as a simple argument; one is either for or against overseas aid. That it is an all-or-nothing matter. That is simply not the case.

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SYMBOLIC: A butterfly appeared during the funeral of Kellys husbands best friend.

Kelly Pegg: It’s love and friendship that all of us should cherish

The sun shone brightly and the skies were blue, it was cold but one of those beautiful wintry days.

TRUMP EFFECT: Donald Trumps impeding presidency has been bemoaned by liberals but there could be a silver lining.

Neil Hudson: Politicians are about to get a dose of their own medicine

Basically, you’ve got it all wrong about Trump. So, jump off the band wagon and tread your own path for a change. Go on, you can do it.

'OLD IDEA': Sajid Javid has suggested an oath of allegiance.

Blaise Tapp: Some suggestions for an oath of allegiance

It is fashionable to knock politicians almost as much as it is to shake our heads when discussing the size of Premier League footballers’ wage packets.

It's A Wonderful Life has inspired this year's Christmas message from Marcus Stock, the Bishop of Leeds.

Marcus Stock: True leadership that lies in everyday acts of virtue

THIS Christmas, I will be celebrating a very special wedding anniversary.

SORROW: Christmas can be an incredibly lonely time for some.

Kelly Pegg: For some, Christmas can be a double-edged sword

Not everyone looks forward to Christmas. For some it can be an extremely difficult time of year filled with loneliness.

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Floral tributes at the sport where a truck was driven into a Berlin Christmas Market in an act of terror.

Nick Baines: We must face horrors of Berlin and Ankara with hope – and not turn away

ANY pretence at optimism about the world must surely lie bleeding in the ruins of the Christmas market at the Breitscheidplatz in Berlin.

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Jayne Dawson: It’s a festive tradition – who else is ill for Christmas?

I gave a little snigger when I saw the internet joke about Chris Rea.

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