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Tom Richmond: Let this be final whistle for sport’s sex predators

LIKE all those political controversies involving malpractice – and then compounded by the subsequent cover-up – the principle of ‘who knew what and when?’ is equally applicable to the sexual abuse scandal which has rocked football to its foundations.

Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams is a role model for gay athletes.

Stuart Andrew: Those sports stars who have come out throw the spotlight on our footballers

WE have made great progress when it comes to addressing homophobia in sport. There are great examples of some of our leading athletes who have felt able to come out.

CHRISTMAS CONDUNDRUM: Should the big day be spent alone, or with the whole family?

Kelly Pegg: We should never take our loved ones for granted

It’s that time of year when most people are faced with the dreaded question: “What are we going to do this Christmas?”.


Jayne Dawson: Right, are you ready for your naked gym session?

Exercise is very much trend led. We know that, don’t we?

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Rachel Reeves has written a biography of the pioneering MP Alice Bacon who is pictured at her Normanton home in 1970 when she was Education Minister.

Rachel Reeves: The women still fighting to smash glass ceiling in politics

WOMEN smashing glass ceilings in politics.  It all seemed so possible a few weeks ago.  Now we have four years of President Trump ahead of us, a man who boasts of groping women.  A friend asked me the day after the Presidential election how he would explain to his daughters how Trump had got the biggest job in the world. It’s a difficult one to explain.

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Glamming up can land you much needed compliments.

Kelly Pegg: When being given a compliment can land you in trouble...

I constantly joke about being the busy working mum who rarely wears make-up and arrives at her daughter’s nursery wearing Superdry leggings, battered old Converse trainers and a warm comfy hoody.

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Jo Cox was the MP for Batley & Spen when she was murdered by Thomas Mair on June 16 this year.

Tom Richmond: Why Jo Cox would not agree with the state execution of her murderer

CONVICTED of the cold-blooded execution of much-admired Yorkshire MP Jo Cox, and too cowardly to even bring himself to utter the word ‘guilty’ so eye-witnesses could be spared from having to relive the harrowing moments which preceded the politician’s senseless murder, I find myself struggling to disagree with those who think that justice will be best served by evil white supremacist Thomas Mair facing the death penalty.

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Lucy Powell says Jo Cox should be remembered for her values.

Lucy Powell: We have more in common than that divides us. How I will remember my friend Jo Cox and

LIKE all of us who knew Jo Cox, and many who didn’t, having to watch again scenes from the day she was murdered in Birstall and hearing in a detail we’d rather not know of events from that day, has been incredibly difficult.

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Jayne Dawson: Older and wiser? You’re ready for a school reunion

What’s your view on school reunions then?


Kelly Pegg: She’s such a daddy’s girl, Mum doesn’t get a look in!

Every child has a favourite parent. In our house, my daughter Ava-Lilly’s favourite parent is her dad.

A scene from the 2016 John Lewis Christmas ad.

Jayne Dawson: The ads are back – and it’s time to enjoy the daftness

And we’re off! The adverts are back, therefore the season has begun.

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MP Greg Mulholland says the Leeds trolleybus money should still be spent on light rail. Do you agree?

Greg Mulholland: Leeds’ transport vision is on the wrong track

AFTER years of waiting, Leeds – one of the biggest, proudest and most important ‘core cities’ in the country – finally has the opportunity to invest in the start of the light rail network it so desperately needs. Yet Leeds City Council is about to squander this opportunity and waste this one-off chance to launch a mass transit system and begin to catch up with rival cities such as Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham.

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BRITISH FIRST: When Donald Trump met Nigel Farage.

Blaise Tapp: Cold comfort for the world’s snowflakes

Am I an honorary snowflake? That is the question I have been asking myself during these first few days of what are bound to become known as the Trump Years.

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Chief imam Qari Asim who has written in support of National Inter Faith Week.

Qari Asim: Dialogue between faiths is essential

NATIONAL Inter Faith Week is a focal point. This week’s efforts are not about joint worship but serving the community, working together for peace, tackling religiously-motivated violence and being in service of humanity.

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The poppy remains the symbol of remembrance. Photo: James Hardisty.

Nicholas Baines: Remembrance - a silence that speaks of a loss beyond words

A COUPLE of years ago a book was published that offers readings, prayers, poems and reflections for Remembrance. It is called Hear My 
Cry – a repeated and heartfelt wrenching of the spirit taken from the Psalms.

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Do weekends have to be a repeated argument over domestic chores?

Kelly Pegg: Eat, sleep, rage, repeat, eat, sleep, rage, repeat . . .

As I sit here and write this I feel sad – a whole weekend wasted on arguments. I feel utterly exhausted and disheartened.

HARD AT WORK: Women have their own agenda in November and it has noting to do with growing fancy stubble.

Jayne Dawson: Now revealed – the secret life of manly November

I expect you blokes think November is all about you.

Date: 7th November 2016. Picture James Hardisty.
Thirsk Yarnbombers have been stringing thousands of knitted poppies around Thirsk, for the run up to Remembrance Day including a large draped display on the side of St Mary's Church, Thirsk. Pictured A sample of the thousands on poppies on display.

Rob Atkinson: Fifa is wrong to stop England footballers wearing poppies

Not for the first time, I’m a bit annoyed with FIFA, world football’s governing body.

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Muslims around the world fear a Donald Trump presidency.

Qari Asim: Trump builds walls with dangerous rhetoric of hate

THE US presidential election campaign has been both captivating and terrifying. Donald Trump has been dubbed as dangerous, scary, bigoted – and an irresponsible candidate. He has staked his campaign on demonising communities and erecting walls and trade barriers.

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