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Jayne Dawson: First they took Bake Off... now it’s the Sewing Bee

For the love of God, what’s going on?

A car exhaust as fears grow about pollution levels.

Andrew Vine: 50,000 deaths a year demand an end to pollution

IT MIGHT be the death toll from a famine or a civil war – 50,000 lives lost needlessly every year.

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Blaise Tapp: Adapting to a new era of online protest

If I could sum up the 21st century so far I would describe it as the era during which the world lost respect for almost everything.

GREY POWER: Kelly is refusing to embrace her own silver highlights.

Kelly Pegg: Why I’m refusing to accept my own shades of grey

“You’re 30 per cent grey, you knew that right?” The words came at me like someone pelting me with eggs.

Is time running out for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn?

Tom Richmond: Labour in La La Land under Corbyn - where is the Opposition?

HERE’S a general knowledge question to begin proceedings: Who are Rebecca Long-Bailey, Angela Rayner and Jon Ashworth?

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Caught out by a security camera. Or were they? Ben Chaplin and Emily Watson in Apple Tree Yard. Photograph:  BBC/Kudos/Nick Briggs

Stephanie Smith: How do I love thee? Let me count the tracking devices

In this Valentine’s week of fluffy hearts and forecourt flowers, spare a thought for those who have loved and lost.

UTC Leeds principal Mark Kennedy with students.

Mark Kennedy: Scientific minds need to be nurtured in skills debate

WHEN adults meet young people for the first time one of our default questions seems to be “what would you like to do when you’re older?”

Tatty Teddies are very popular with collectors

Tatty Teddies a treat for collectors

Antiques expert Allan Blackburn looks at some cuddly offerings...

Kelly Pegg: Hopeless romantic Kylie needs to change her ‘type’

Kelly Pegg: Hopeless romantic Kylie needs to change her ‘type’

I felt really sad when I read that pop star Kylie Minogue has had her heart broken again.

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APRIL 1973: 

Models modelling French suits from the Fabrics from France Exhibition at the Metropole Hotel.

Jayne Dawson: Nylon sheets, Crimplene suits – it must be the 1970s

Remember catalogue shopping?

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Events like Holocaust Memorial Day have not prevented a rise in anti-semitism.

Andrew Vine: Hatred of Jews rears its ugly head in post-truth age

THERE are guards on the gates of the synagogue close to my home every week now.

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HEALTHY EATING: Maybe we should stick to buying seasonal veg.

Blaise Tapp: Don’t panic.... if you can’t buy a kumquat!

Forget Mexican walls, Article 50 or Parliamentary dissent, the major talking point of 2017 so far has to be vegetables and the lack of.

Dr Angela Goyal: The NHS is in crisis - but is it really the GPs fault?

Dr Angela Goyal: The NHS is in crisis - but is it really the GPs fault?

We have heard yet again that the NHS is in crisis. In fact we hear this a lot. Every winter for the past few years there is a “winter crisis” The British Red Cross recently called it a “humanitarian crisis.”

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Georgina Mitchell wants more business leaders to help schools.

Georgina Mitchell: Business has duty to offer real-life role models and inspire the young

TINY pants are not often the subject of discussion between business leaders and school children, but six years ago that was the lead topic as I addressed some 350 pupils of my former school.


Kelly Pegg: ‘Love is just a word until someone gives it meaning’

They say a person has only falls in love with three people during their lifetime.

PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

Jayne Dawson: Stop moaning, the worst is over and fab Feb is here

Stop moaning, the worst is over and fab Feb is here.

President Donald Trump.

Qari Asim: Trump’s politics of hate stir dark echoes of Holocaust

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s signing of an executive order to temporarily block travel for immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries – Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen – has justifiably caused uproar and deep anguish.

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Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

Chris Grayling: My high-speed vision for future of Yorkshire transport

THIS is a region with a pioneering transport history. During the 19th century, not only did Yorkshire change the way we made goods – it changed the way we transported them too. Transport gave industry in Yorkshire the competitive advantage it required to flourish. It opened up labour markets. It slashed the cost of raw materials. And it brought customers closer.

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Blaise Tapp: Girls could do without lazy stereotyping

For a society which makes such a fuss about lazy stereotypes, we still use far too many.

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Jo Cox.

Rachel Reeves: We can all follow Jo’s example to tackle loneliness

AFTER the death of my friend and colleague Jo Cox, it fell upon the rest of us to carry on her inspirational work.

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