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Tom Richmond: Why May must hold firm as MPs clamour for early poll

IT has not taken long for jittery Tory backbenchers to get restless about Theresa May’s leadership.

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A new runway at Heathrow will divert attention away from Yorkshire's transport needs, says Andrew Vine. Do you agree?

Andrew Vine: Political flap at Heathrow sparks air rage in North

IF anybody would like to see a textbook example of the worst sort of London-centric navel-gazing in economic policy, today provides Exhibit A.

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Unsung Hero Award winner Lisa Beaumont is presented with her award by Jane Carter and Clare Frisby

‘Honour’ of winning YEP Best of Health Award

A previous winner of a YEP Best of Health Award has urged people to nominate their health stars.

James Brining is artistic director of West Yorkshire Playhouse.

James Brining: Proud to stand centre stage for diversity

ALL too often, the UK is described as a country divided. Yet one of our proudest outputs is the wealth of cultural activity on offer in cities and towns up and down the country.

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Nick Baines is the Bishop of Leeds.

Nick Baines: Brexit – We cannot be an island apart in unstable world

I OFFER this statement by the German theologian Jürgen Moltmann in a book that I finished reading on the train today: “A free society is not an accumulation of independent individuals; it is a community of persons in solidarity.”

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Jayne Dawson: Let them all eat dirt – a mucky kid is a healthy kid

I’m not expecting sympathy, but it’s tough on the front line of grandparenting.

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The 2014 Tour de France peloton races up Haworth - but will the 2019 World Championships in Yorkshire improve cycle safety?

Andrew Vine: Stars welcome but humble cyclist still riding for a fall

CYCLING at this time of year is always a little more hair-raising than I’d like.

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CONKER-ED: Parents should try and get their children to play.

Blaise Tapp: Our job to protect them from talking kittens

As a nation we are having to get used to being routinely scared witless by threats that something we hold dear could be taken away.

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An aerial picture of last December's floods in Kirkstall Road, Leeds.

Tom Richmond: Tide turns as politicians listen at last on flooding

AS the first person to criticise politicians over their lame response to last winter’s floods, it is only right to praise them when they take on board and listen to genuine concerns.

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HS2 and HS3 are critical to this region, says leeds Chamber of Commerce president Gerald Jennings.

Gerald Jennings: HS2 alone is not enough to bring the North up to speed

WITH the party conference season behind us, the next major political diary date will be the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

David Cameron

Grant Woodward: David Cameron our worst Prime Minister? I’d say so

Ranking by Leeds academics puts him rock bottom of post-war table.

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Picture courtesy of Rowenna Mason at

Stephanie Smith: He does bins, bills and dishwasher. I do cushions. It’s fair.

Are there really men out there who are so useless, they can’t even order their own meal without help from the wife?

Kim Kardashian.

Jayne Dawson: Kim, make your jewellery cheap, just like your look

Cards on the table, I’m not totally clear about who the Kardashians are.

Students are drinking themselves to oblivion.

Andrew Vine: Welcome to Leeds where students’ booze binge hangover may last lifetime

THE young woman sprawled on the pavement might have been crying because she’d grazed her knee as she fell, or possibly because the most hurtful injury was to her dignity.


Jayne Dawson: Oldies, do me a big favour and start acting your age

Oh my, it’s exhausting getting older these days.

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Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves has challenged Labour to understand why the Remain campaign lost the EU referendum.

Rachel Reeves: The day I realised we had already lost EU referendum

TWO days before the EU referendum, I visited the largest private sector employer in my constituency. It’s a business I know well. Many there voted Labour at the last election and I had spoken to some of them during the general election campaign a year earlier.

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Sam Allardyce was undone by greed, not an error of judgement.

Grant Woodward: Big Sam exposes ugliness blighting beautiful game

Allardyce’s whining about ‘entrapment’ is nonsense. This newspaper sting did everyone, including football, a favour.

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.

Jayne Dawson: What happened to mellow? Everyone is splitting up

Well, nothing mellow about this autumn is there?


Blaise Tapp: Scrutiny that makes a parent’s job harder

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, being a parent is the toughest job any of us will do. Raising a child knocks everything else out of the park; I’ve met business leaders who find closing multi-million pound deals easier than trying to dissuade their little angels from wearing wellies to Great Aunt Doris’ 90th birthday brunch.

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