Video: Road team resurface around parked cars in Leeds

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Bungling council workers resurfaced a street AROUND the cars parked on the road after officials failed to tell residents the date of the planned work.

Residents of Newport Road, Headingley, said the only notice they received of the resurfacing was via a card posted through their letterboxes the day before, which failed to state when the work would take place.

Lee Hardy

Lee Hardy

So when motorists failed to move their cars so the work could be done, the council team simply resurfaced round them.

Lee Hardy, 30, said: “It’s a bit ridiculous, they posted a little card through the door saying they would redo the road, but it didn’t say what day they would do it.

“The council are completely useless, some of the potholes around here are lethal and it takes them absolutely ages to do anything about it”

He said the road had been left in a state outside his house as a result of the blunder.



Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: “We didn’t even know it was happening, we went out in the morning and when we came back it was like that, we just burst out laughing.

“If they did put anything through the door we didn’t see it, we get so much stuff through the door anyway so unless it’s specifically addressed to us it just ends up in the bin.”

A Leeds City Council spokesman said: “Our contractors’ normal practice is to put up notice boards explaining that work is due to be done in the next 48 hours, as the process is dependent on weather conditions. In addition, they put a customer care card through residents doors to explain the process and that the dates are on the notice boards displayed on the street. The teams often have to work around parked cars, as experience shows even extended notice does not mean all drivers will leave the road clear and if residents move their cars, others take the empty spaces.”

He said when areas were missed the work would be completed later, adding: “We do our best to ensure that people are aware of upcoming work, but know that unfortunately some people ignore signs and written notifications.”

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