Video - Funny moment a mum finds egg within an another egg.

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This is the egg-straordinary moment a mum-of-two’s brain was scrambled when she cracked open a giant egg to reveal another fully-formed one inside.

Emma Postlethwaite, 33, was stunned when she found the enormous 167g (5.9oz) egg which was laid by her hen Wendy on Thursday (3/12).

The secondary school teacher filmed the moment she cracked the egg open only to find another standard-size egg inside.

In the incredible 45-second video, Emma can be heard saying: “Oh, it’s another egg. It’s like a Russian doll.”

She then cracks open the smaller egg, which also has a yolk and white inside, as her two-year-old son Austin points at the pan and says: “Egg”.

The mum-of-two also pops both eggs in the frying pan as her husband Damien, 34, who filmed the video, says: “An egg inside an egg. There you go.”


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