Video - Disabled dog does not let being born with withered front legs stop him bounding around on his back paws - and looking like a T Rex

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A super cute puppy hasn’t let being born with deformed front paws get in the way – by running around like a T-REX.

Adorable Reuben is forced to get around by standing on his back legs and running around like a dinosaur – holding his deformed front paw like a tyrannosaurus rex forelimb. The happy pooch was rescued by British charity Safe Rescue for Dogs from a certain death in the same Eastern European village where kangaroo-hopping puppy Roo was saved earlier this year. Charity worker, Zoe Hare, 42, said: “Ruben knows no different and doesn’t understand there is anything wrong with him. “He throws himself into everything with the same gusto as puppies with four legs.”


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