Glimpse of new £15m luxury Leeds student flats

New student flats at The Edge, Leeds.

New student flats at The Edge, Leeds.

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No, this isn’t a luxury, boutique hotel in New York.

Nor is it a swanky apartment owned by a flashy banker-type who parted with a few million pounds for it.

This is in fact the vision of student living in Leeds for 2015.

Yes, you heard right. It’s a student flat.

‘But where is the damp, the mould, the mountain of takeaway leaflets and faint smell of fag smoke?’, I hear you cry.

Well, apparently students aren’t willing to put up with that anymore.

Nowadays, those who can afford the extortionate university fees are also looking to splash some serious cash on a luxury lifestyle too.

That’s where IconInc comes in.

Spotting a gap in the market for luxury student accommodation, the people behind student lets company Parklane Properties – the £150m Parklane Group – have coughed up £15million for a new site a stone’s throw from the city centre, just off Burley Road.

Starting at £140 per week, the average resident at The Edge will get a furnished apartment complete with en-suite bathroom, plush double or king-size bed, flat screen TV, wi-fi and utility bills paid for.

Oh, and there’s an on-site gym (with personal trainers, of course, they’re not ANIMALS), a cinema room, games zone, complimentary daily breakfast, study rooms, self-service pantry and 24-hour concierge.

If you want to go the extra mile they’ll even throw in Egyptian cotton towels and bedding, a professional cleaning service, daily fresh fruit delivery and kitchen equipment.

Now, as a former Leeds student, I can say my university days were some of the happiest memories of my life.

And some of those memories stemmed from living in typical student digs, with typical student problems.

Living off baked beans and Pot Noodles for a week, chasing mice out of the house and going to a grubby cafe for breakfast after a big night out were some of the biggest bonding experiences of all.

So I feel sad that some of these newbie students might miss out on all of these...character-building experiences.

To be honest it’s probably just jealousy on my part.

I probably would have jumped at the chance to live somewhere like this.

Actually I’d probably jump at the chance now but still couldn’t really afford it.

I guess it’s a reflection of the sky-rocketing tuition fees that there is now a certain type of elite student coming to Leeds.

On the flipside, there are others who will just go to town on their student loans and come out with even bigger debts when – and if – they eventually graduate.

When The Edge opens in September, it will bring a new type of student to the city centre.

But with the hefty tuition fee pricetags I’m sure students will still be quick to snap up cheaper alternatives in the usual Hyde Park/Headingley areas, so residents shouldn’t sit back and rejoice just yet.

Oh, and there’s a competition for a student to win a year’s free accommodation at The Edge (which is seriously making me reconsider going back into education).

Visit to find out how.

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