8 things you need to know on Saint George’s Day

It’s Saint George’s Day today, the day we celebrate England’s patron saint - or the day we moan about how we ought to celebrate him, whilst not doing anything to actually celebrate him ourselves.

Frosty morning are expected across Yorkshire

Snow could fall when Yorkshire is hit by Arctic blast

The end of April is set to feel more like winter than spring due to cold air being pushed down over the UK.

The London Marathon sees a mix of fundraisers, professional runners and keen amateurs take to the streets of the capital. (Photo:PA)

London Marathon: Incredible stats from one of the world's biggest sporting events

Here are some facts and figures about this year's Virgin Money London Marathon:

WATCH: Four iconic trains travel side-by-side through Yorkshire to celebrate the East Coast Main Line

Four trains from different eras travelled in parallel along the East Coast Main Line this morning.
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How to make the perfect cuppa on National Tea Day

Just as selecting the best tea is important for a great cuppa, so are the minute details of preparation such as the water temperature, the infusion time and the quality of water.

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Access ramps installed - for Harrogate’s frogs

Frog ramps have been installed at a boating pond in Harrogate to ensure the animals can climb its steep walls.

Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has given birth to twin baby girls

It's twins! Emmerdale Star Lucy Pargeter gives birth to two girls

Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has given birth to twin baby girls.
Super Earth

Scientists find 'super-Earth' that could harbour life

A newly discovered "super-Earth" 39 light years away could be the best candidate yet for a world beyond the solar system that harbours life, say scientists.

Would you like to work at Buckingham Palace?

WANTED: Buckingham Palace butler to serve the Royal Family

Do you think Buckingham Palace could do with a Yorkshire touch?
Is Only Fools and Horses your favourite?

Revealed: The UK’s favourite TV scenes

Brits are a nation of telly watchers, and according to a new survey, comedy is always what has kept us glued to the small screen.

WATCH: How a Star Wars Land is not so far (far) away

WATCH: How a Star Wars Land is not so far (far) away

It may legendarily exist in a galaxy far far away, but it could be that fans of Star Wars could soon visit the Unknown Regions.

Beaches and parks have been busy as people head out to enjoy the spring sunshine.

Another scorcher for Yorkshire - but how long will it last?

Summertime highs are expected on Sunday as Yorkshire enjoys the hottest day of the year so far.
The Aldi hot tub that sold out within hours

Aldi is selling cheap hot tubs - and they're proving to be very popular

A cheap Aldi hot tub that set the internet ablaze when it was announced last week has sold out online within hours.
Primark has responded to #chipgate in the best way possible

Primark has responded to #chipgate in the best way possible

Social media went mad earlier this month after customers desperate to get their hands on the latest must-have product were disappointed when Primark sold out.

Bradley Lowery hugs Jermain Defoe on the Wembley pitch

Bradley Lowery: The little boy who led out England while fighting his own battle

Bradley Lowery captured the hearts of millions when he led England out on to the pitch at Wembley today.

Watch: Photographer's incredible hyperlapse film of Leeds

A keen photographer from Leeds has painstakingly created an impressive hyperlapse film to showcase the city in a novel way.
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The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, shining over the Bathing House in Howick, Northumberland. (Owen Humphreys/PA Wire)

Northern-Lights chaser's advice for capturing aurora borealis in Yorkshire

Sky watchers seeking a Northern Lights display often think their best chance lies in Iceland, but pictures taken by a Press Association photographer across the north of England say otherwise.
Turn any surface into Lego with Lego friendly tape

Turn any surface into Lego with Lego friendly tape

Turn any surface into Lego with this AMAZING Lego-friendly sticky tape

Energy flashes in distant galaxies ‘could be alien spacecraft’

Energy flashes in distant galaxies ‘could be alien spacecraft’

Mysterious flashes of energy detected in distant galaxies may be evidence of super-advanced aliens powering interstellar spacecraft, theorists claim.


Clintons to pull 'disgusting' X-rated birthday card from shops after Twitter complaint

A "disgusting" X-rated birthday card has been removed from all Clintons shops following an online complaint.

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