How to safely watch the partial solar eclipse this evening

A partial solar eclipse can pose more risk to eyesight than a full one, specialists have warned.
Partial eclipse

When to look out for the partial solar eclipse over Yorkshire

A partial solar eclipse will be visible across the UK just before sunset on Monday as the moon appears to take a "bite" out of the sun.

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Licence to thrill: The rollercoaster celebrates 200th anniversary

The antidote for adrenaline junkies everywhere - the rollercoaster - turns 200 this year.

Photo issued by the Senckenberg Research Institute of a barred grass snake, as scientists have suggested that England is home to four kinds of wild snake, not three as was previously believed.

New snake species discovered in England

England is home to four kinds of wild snake, not three as was previously believed, according to scientists.

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The Simpsons and The Archers helping homeowners to name houses

Homeowners are turning to TV, radio and literature for ideas on naming their houses, new research has found.

Discover your inner warrior

Money-saving days out for families in Yorkshire

Want to save cash on some of the best family days out this summer?

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Have you vacuumed between the hours of 6pm & 8am on a weekday or 1pm & 8am on a Saturday or on a Sunday?

The 40 laws that are routinely broken by Brits - and probably by you

The average Brit commits 32 different 'crimes' every year - including not paying for supermarket carrier bags, parking on the pavement and pocketing incorrect change.

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It's true! Chocolate bars are getting smaller

It's true! Chocolate bars are getting smaller

Shrinking chocolate bars have helped bump up the total cost of sweet treats over the past five years, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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The end of Paint?

Microsoft Paint could be killed off after three decades

Microsoft has announced plans to kill off its long-running Paint drawing tool after more than 30 years in use.
The 25 social media sins that you need to know about.

Revealed: The top 25 social media sins that you MUST avoid

Too many selfies, ranting about politics and ‘Liking’ your own profile picture have been named as some of the deadliest social media sins, according to research.

Kirkstall Festival organising committee meeting led by John Liversedge at Milford Sports Club.
27 June 2017.  Picture Bruce Rollinson

Kirkstall Festival now one of biggest in Leeds - Sat July 8, 2017

Kirkstall Festival is now in its 37th year and this year is expected to attract 25,000 people. Interview by Neil Hudson

Morrisinghs in South Tyneside

Singhsburys to Morrisinghs: Morrisons gives approval after shop owner renames store

Supermarket giant Morrisons has given its backing to the owner of a convenience store who changed its name from Singhsburys to Morrisinghs.

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Great white shark

Great white shark spotted off coast, claims fishing expert

A GREAT white shark has been spotted off the coast, an expert has said.
Rain clouds have been sweeping across Yorkshire (Image: Met Office)

Yorkshire weather: Heavy rain and strong winds to last

What a difference a week makes.

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Yorkshire is set to be hit by thunderstorms

Severe weather warning: When to expect thunderstorms in Yorkshire

The heatwave is set to come to an end today with the warm air creating dramatic thunderstorms.
The ducks that shut down the ride at Gulliver's Kingdom.

Gulliver's Kingdom ride shut down because of a family of ducks

One of Gulliver's Kingdom's most popular rides had to be stopped - because of a family of ducks.
The Google fidget spinner

How you can play with a fidget spinner on Google

You can sit at your desk and play with a fidget spinner virtually thanks to Google.

Staying cool can be easier said than done when there's no air-conditioning to rely on.

How to stay cool during a heatwave

Thermometers have hit 30C in Yorkshire during a prolonged heatwave.

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Thunderstorms are expected to sweep across Yorkshire

Severe weather warning issued for Yorkshire as heatwave comes to an end

Thunderstorms are set to sweep across Yorkshire as the heatwave ends with a bang.

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Is your office like a greenhouse?

Heatwave: How hot does it need to be before you can ask your boss to go home?

It's hot. Really hot. The air-conditioning isn't working, the sun is blazing and the small office you are in is sweltering.

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