Look lovely in loungewear

With dieting and detoxing in full swing, it's easy to give fashion the heave-ho in January. But even those hibernating their way through the dark nights can still look stylishly super-chilled.

If your favourite pastime is currently trawling through your Sky+ back catalogue or curling up with a good book, relax in this season's snuggest lounge and sleepwear.

Slobbing out doesn't have to mean letting fashion standards slide. Check out the best of this season's stylish shut-eye gear.

PJ panache

Pyjamas aren't just for Harry Potter types. Whether it's a weekend sleeping marathon or gym workout recovery, PJs are winter essentials for your closet.

Clare Hornby, co-founder of Pyjama Room says: "Prada are even designing pyjamas so that they can also be worn outside with a pair of high heels and a belt. So you can go from bed to office in the same clothes."

If you really want to take catwalk trends to the bedroom, why not opt for bright block colour. Fashionistas can be really style-savvy with their nightwear by taking on next season's hottest trends, spriggy floral prints or nautical stripes.

TRY: PJ Salvage Truth flannel pyjamas, 38 at Figleaves; Next nautical, navy-and-cream-striped pyjamas, 18; Long Tall Sally lace and pocket T, 15, and pull-on PJ bottoms, 22; or La Senza red silk pyjamas, 50.

Dressing down gown

There's nothing comforting about lazing around in an ancient dressing gown that's falling apart at the seams. If your January involves a lot of staying in, put your saved pennies towards a new cover-up. But prepare to hunt. Finding a good, durable dressing gown can be tricky, according to Clare.

"Everyone has different ideas about styles of pyjamas. What seems to go more across the board is that everyone wants a well-cut but practical dressing gown and they're very difficult to find," she warns.

TRY: Marks and Spencer flower print dressing gown, 12; Long Tall Sally floral print robe, 29; Next selection of supersoft robes from 20; or DKNY Essence short Cuddle robe, 69 at House of Fraser.

Lazy lounging

If you wouldn't be seen dead answering the door to the postie in your PJs, there is a stylish alternative – loungewear.

Clare says: "Slouchy lounge clothing is a big growth area in retail. The trend is for it to look flattering as well as being comfortable. There's no longer an excuse to look 'comfy but frumpy'."

Shed your work layers or gym togs and snuggle up on the sofa in luscious loungewear. Forget the WAG-tastic velour numbers – even Juicy Couture has upgraded its trademark velour trackies to cosy cashmere.

TRY: Marks and Spencer cashmere zip top, 99, and matching trousers, 99; Pyjama Room long sleeve T, 35, and roll top trouser, 65; Calvin Klein 365 Lounge Tee, 19 and Calvin Klein 365 Lounge Pant, 22, at ASOS; or Pure Collection cashmere hooded cardigan, 159 and cashmere tracksuit bottoms, 189.

Sleepwear essentials

Prefer to sleep in your birthday suit? You can still give the land of nod a wave of your style wand with sumptuous night-time accessories.

If you really value your shut-eye time, look to sleepwear accessories to enhance your relaxation. This is the one time of year we're perfectly allowed to kick back in novelty slippers or shut out the world with an eye mask.

TRY: Ted Baker pink and black knitted, striped, hot water bottle cover and eye mask set 25 at House of Fraser; Mary Green Breakfast at Tiffany's eye mask, 19 at Figleaves; Pure Collection cashmere bed socks, 29, and silk-lined cashmere eye mask, 19; or John Lewis pink Toggle slippers, 13.

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