Letter: When depression hits, it knows no bounds

Regarding the article “Remembering Speedo”, who died a year ago, let me fill in for the question, why did he do it? Asked by at least two people.

Depression knows no bounds. I had it only once, when a younger brother died (aged 59) and we were very close.

It took six weeks to hit me, and I asked myself what is left to live for.

I didn’t want to die, and ran to the nearby hospital, and cried for the first time for over 20 years, even though I had lost a mother, sister and another brother.

Four weeks in hospital (where TV was my lifeline) and the magic drug did the job of restoring my reasoning of life, and I am back on my beat of life.

Why do Darby and Joans both die within days? It’s because they only live for each other.

I was lucky but I remembered that saying, the world is your oyster, and now I (even at 76) live life to the full by using experience helping the not so lucky in life and by keeping fit.

It’s never too late to start something new and voluntary work can be your life saver.





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