Letter: Welfare reform won’t help ‘troubled families’

I am beginning to believe that Con-Dem led welfare reform for troubled families is going to act as a conduit to eradicate what they perceive as troubled families, without caring in a broad sense of the neglect and post industrial decline that has been a factor along with poor ineffective social housing tick box policies.

You may even suspect the new policies from DWP supremo Ian Duncan-Smith don’t take fully into account entrenched dysfunctionalism that has evolved from possibly 32 years of loss?

A good example would be the decimation of mining communities. There wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of replacing all full time jobs lost within that industry in the patchwork arena of the service sector which, I believe, to be a big problem.

You really have to wonder is it cheaper to take a child or family into care than to continue in support through subsidies in welfare, eg outgoing DLA payments?

The families involved often have to juggle very part-time, poor quality spurious employment! Iniquity on a grand scale is what our modern times seem to tell us.

It is no good that Labour leader Mr Miliband rants aplenty threatening sanctions to smaller employers who don’t or won’t pay higher than the minimum wage, when New Labour in government presided over the wildest unchecked credit boom in living history. The outfall we now view is the colossal family debt, pay day lenders, the over valuation of everything, rogue private landlords. Genuine action for council housing is sorely needed, especially for the genuine poorly paid workers.

There will be no return on what is visioned as a traditional family until marriage or proper common union is supported by genuine non class objectified overseers, one with no other agenda but harmony in communities.





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