Letter: Series delivers Salvo of super Saturday night TV

The recent Inspector Montalbano series shown on BBC 4 on the subject of crime in Sicily, was a breath of fresh air on a much overworked theme.

Salvo and his team of detectives working amidst the wonderful old architecture of this rustic island, brought back a host of nostalgic memories for past visitors and those who served there in less idyllic times; and the subtitles did nothing to deter one from making certain not to miss any episode.

In days which are not going too well for the BBC, they are to be congratulated for seeking out the unusual, in a package that portrayed nothing in bad taste, or which could offend the PC brigade.

Let’s hope another series is produced, as Saturday night is not the same without Salvo, his colleagues, the other characters and the glorious scenery of this sunny part of Italy.

On a different note however, writer of the Montalbano books, Andrea Camilleri, recently said that he is worried about the influx of English phrases into the Italian language, which could be heard from time to time, probably introduced by scriptwriters.

I wouldn’t argue with this august gentleman, but isn’t the English language also littered with words and phrases from languages from throughout the world?

Don’t worry about it Andrea, just make sure we are treated to another series of Montalbano’s.

E Lundy, by email




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