Letter: Nothing but praise for five-star NHS treatment

I have heard many complaints through the papers that the NHS is failing us.

What a load of rubbish, over this past couple of years I have spent time in the care of our NHS in the LGI and currently in St James’s Leeds.

I have nothing but praise to offer from the domestic assistants to the highly educated consultants.

Having washed in three, four and five-star hotels I have something to compare it to.

I ask where in the world can you receive five-star treatment from a humble health service.

Yes, like everything else in these hard times standards are bound to slip, not so in the NHS.

I have to say thanks to the staff at St James’s. My blood sugars were in hypo, but the domestic assistant realised something was wrong and alerted staff.

They tell me I raised half the staff who ignored what I was saying and doing and got on with putting me together again and that’s why I am here today passing my thanks to them all.

Thank you, when I was first admitted I could not care, now I am back to myself waiting to get home to family and friends.

LE SLACK, Leeds 17




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