Letter: Not too late to bring some festive cheer to our town

A few days ago I was in the dark as to whether or not there was going to be illuminations along the High Street and a Christmas tree in Towngate, Guiseley which have been the tradition for many years.

I wrote to my councilor to ask about the situation but so far, I have not received a reply.

Many parts of Leeds not only have had their lights erected but they have also been switched on and are now making a contribution to the festive spirit.

Would there be lights in Guiseley?

I got the answer to my question yesterday when it would appear that our illuminations comprise of lights put over a willow tree on a traffic island on the High Street and similarly in Town Gate.

There was no sign of illuminations or a beloved spruce!

I acknowledge that Leeds City Council have to keep to a budget but I feel it needs to be fair.

Also, there are a great number of small traders and a good number of big names such as M & S, Morrisons, Currys, MacDonalds and Asda to name but a few.

If these businesses would make a financial contribution which they can well afford, they may attract even more customers and that would lead to increased happiness all round!

It is still not too late.

Brian Poulter, Guiseley.




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