Letter: New Year resolutions for inconsiderate dog owners

Yesterday I walked from the roundabout on Lea Farm Drive, Hawksworth, Leeds to the Co-op at the top of Vesper Road via Lea Farm Row.

I counted eight, yes eight, piles of dog faeces, three of which were within 10 feet or so of the bus stop opposite Lloyds Chemist. The pavement by the bus stop is quite narrow at one point and, had it been dark, I would certainly have trod in some of these piles. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for these dog owners:

I will only allow my dog to defecate on the pavement outside my own house or in my own garden. I will make the effort to clean it up if it’s on said pavement, even if it means spending three minutes less of my life on Facebook or texting insulting messages to people.

I will place it in my own wheelie bin and not those of my neighbours. I will not use the grass roundabout on Lea Farm Drive as a dog toilet because children play there. I will not ask other people what their problem is if they challenge my dog-handling skills because I will remember it’s me that got a problem called lack of consideration for other people.

R Kimble, Leeds




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