Letter: Heavyweight challenge of bin collection changes

I read with interest Councillor Mark Dobson’s reply to Mr Peter Gargett’s recent letter regarding the forthcoming changes to bin collections.

In the correspondence, Councillor Dobson states it will be “twice fortnightly green bin collection”.

This is confusing, why not simply state it will be twice a month?

Granted, as a two-person household, the new system should suit us, as the green bin is always full to the top before the monthly collection date, whilst the weekly black bin is less than a quarter full.

Why a once-a-month collection of the recycle bin was ever considered adequate, was beyond most of us in the first place.

However, I realise it will not suit others, particularly larger families with young children. I also have an elderly relative who because of location, is still on the “old system” where all waste has to go into the old-style small metal bin.

A fortnight’s refuse will mean that even in a single-person household, the bin will be full, and the black bag very heavy when it has to be carried to the collection point.

When the collections are missed, which will happen, this will cause problems to many and will be the fly in the ointment or perhaps the “fly in the bin”.

No doubt we shall see further correspondence on the issue, as and when it is implemented.

CAROL A GANNON, Barwick in Elmet




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