Letter: Driving frustration over council bus lane charges

John Friskney, on the subject of insurance charges (YEP, December 28) is absolutely on the ball with his assertions.

The trouble is that, like a cry in the wilderness, not enough drivers object to the cavalier fashion in which they are treated by the seemingly all powerful insurance moguls; the actions of whom are sometimes totally mystifying when they continue to illogically increase premiums even for those with unblemished records. Perhaps the lobbying of an MP or two would prod them into pursuing a worthwhile cause by obtaining some answers.

In the same edition, almost in a parody of the days when Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham were having fun and games fleecing the poor, Councillor Richard Lewis, taking the part of Guy of Guisburne, highlights the way he waylays motorists who stray into bus lanes for the benefit of the coffers of the sheriff, aka Leeds City Council.

And as to the decline in the number of offenders, that is easily explained by drivers becoming aware of the places where they can offend. Boar Lane being one in particular, where for years drivers have been able to proceed without restrictions, before then being accidentally caught out through familiarity; and then being given no second chance, other than to risk an objection with the near certainty of having to pay more. The same gentleman then compounds the crime as it were by saying that plans are going forward to roll out the scheme on the A65, with work expected to be completed soon. What a wonderful prospect!

If it were not so frustrating and so very annoying to be branded a criminal for accidentally straying into the domain of the all-powerful bus, perhaps Waddington’s could produce a new game under the title ‘Bus Lane Monopoly’. It would be an all-time bestseller with our motor-unfriendly council. And compulsorily purchase by all offenders would add even more to their funds.





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