Letter: Don’t waste opportunity for new medical centre

I would like to say a few more words about the prospect of a new medical centre in Alwoodley (YEP, November 21).

My ward colleagues and I have been trying to get a new health centre for the Moor Allerton area of the ward for quite a while. The case for such a facility is clear: local people don’t have easy access to a GP, yet they live in a relatively deprived area which has a higher proportion of people with serious medical conditions. The significant benefits of having a medical centre nearby are undeniable.

It was useful to be able to speak at the recent council meeting and give the issue a higher profile, and it was good to see that there seems to be support on all sides for making the project a reality. A few stumbling blocks currently stand in the way of getting this centre up and running – details of the location, ownership of the land, and planning issues. We have funding available from the NHS to help pay for the centre, but it is time-limited: we only have until next April to get everything in place and make use of the funding.

It would be a terrible shame if we missed this opportunity to give local people the medical facilities they deserve. I would like to renew my call to the council to make this happen.

Councillor Neil Buckley, Alwoodley Ward




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