Letter: Disgusted by MPs who are ‘milking’ the public

I was so disgusted to read in the newspaper that MPs are on £65,000 per year.

So you young lads of today, don’t be bothered to learn a trade, if you can “talk the hind leg off a donkey” and not make your hands dirty, be an MP.

When I think that as a young man 80 years ago an MP did not get anything at all. He did it because he had a trade and liked helping people.

Now they are ‘milking’ the public, getting into all sorts of trouble by getting money in all kinds of ways, and do they pay tax on all of the money as well?

When I think of all my work as a draughtsman designing newspaper folders, the most I ever earned was £125 per week and I paid £5 in income tax.

Still I enjoyed my work for almost 50 years and was very proud of all the worldwide folders I had designed.

I used to go to work on the bus. I paid 65p for 10 rides to Leeds. Yesterday, after coming back from St James’s Hospital, I forgot my ticket and had to pay the single rate of £2.80 to Seacroft Bus Station. What has got into the financial system we have?

Today if there was a vote on MPs it would be like the vote on Police Commissioners, about 10 to 15 per cent. People are absolutely fed up with MPs.

S COCKER, Redmire Court, Leeds 14




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