Letter: Baffled by role of new police commissioner

After reading last Thursday’s edition of the YEP, I felt somewhat perplexed and confused as to the recent election of Mark Burns-Williamson into the new post of police commissioner.

The front page story ‘Stop the curse of domestic violence’ stated that the law enforcers in Leeds are to declare war on domestic violence.

This is the declaration of Safer Leeds, the crime fighting partnership that brings together police, the council and other organisations chaired by Councillor Peter Gruen.

We further read that Mark Burns-Williamson is opposed to the recent changes announced by the Government to fast track new recruits into officer-type jobs (‘Commissioner’s attack on fast-track cops plan’– Page 22).

If crime-fighting policy is determined by such groups as Safer Leeds and recruitment and promotion is determined by the Government what is this grossly expensive commissioner paid to do?

Before the election I considered this post an expensive waste of money and to date I see nothing to change my mind particularly when one has to take into consideration that Mark Burns-Williamson has also appointed a deputy to assist him in this worthless non job.

Jeff Parker, by email




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