Leeds school puts Prescott in the spotlight

JOHN Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister famous for having "two Jags", is to lecture Leeds school pupils on the threat of global warming.

Mr Prescott is to speak at Pudsey Grangefield School on the importance of making a breakthrough at the UN climate meeting in Copenhagen in December.

He is visiting three other schools across the country in a tour modelled on the "inconvenient truth" talks given across America by former US Vice President Al Gore.

Mr Prescott, who helped negotiate the 1997 Kyoto climate change agreement, said: "I'm really looking forward to talking with the pupils about climate change and gauging their views on what deal we need at Copenhagen.

"They're the ones who'll have to live with the consequences if we don't get that deal. They'll also be the ones who are going to have to help the world move to a low-carbon economy.

"That's why I'll be delivering this presentation about the main issues surrounding the deal and why I think it needs to be fair to the developing world, with social justice and poverty reduction at its very heart."

Mr Prescott still keeps his two Jaguars – one in London and one in his constituency home in Hull.

In a recent interview he insisted there was no contradiction between owning the gas-guzzlers and the need to cut back on CO2.

"They hardly get used" he said. "I travel about 30,000 miles a year but 90 per cent of that is on the railway."

Chris Edwards, chief executive of Education Leeds, said: "It's a huge boost for our young people that such a well known public figure will visit Leeds to speak about this important global issue."

Mr Prescott is visiting Pudsey Grangefield on September 22. He is also visiting schools in London, Manchester and Birmingham.