Leeds rubbish mountain latest

FED-up families in Morley say they were left living in a rubbish dump after the council failed to collect their refuse for more than four weeks.

People living in Parkfield Court had not had a bin collection since the first week in January and said a trash mountain had piled up outside their homes.

Now, though, thanks to the YEP, their streets are clean once more.

Resident and mum-of-one Rachel Spence said: "The day after we contacted the Yorkshire Evening Post, the council sent a flatback wagon and then a refuse truck and took the whole lot away.

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"We're really pleased."

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Until the YEP stepped in, residents said they had made repeated calls to Leeds City Council but were not given any reason as to why they had been left out – or when they could expect to have their rubbish collected in the future.

Rachel's partner Paul Askin said: "We had our black bin full and 14 other bin bags piled around it. We have a 14-month-old baby so you can imagine that we create quite a bit of rubbish, especially with nappies and things.

"It was worse at some of the other houses. There were some communal bins that are just disgusting. Lord knows what was festering in them."

The car salesman added: "Obviously when the bin strike was on we suffered like everyone else. Then the collections restarted but fluctuated until they just stopped altogether. We last saw the bin trucks at the very turn of the New Year.

"Everyone has phoned the council – we were all tearing our hair out over it.

"The last time I contacted the council I was told that we had been

taken off the bin round but they couldn't explain why.

"It's like we had disappeared off the map.

"I then phoned the complaints department and they said they would write

to me within 18 days. That's just ridiculous."

A spokesman for Leeds City Council said: "We are sorry that we missed the homes on Parkfield Court. We have made sure that the street will be visited on future collections.

"Our refuse collectors have now visited the street and emptied all the full bins."

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