Leeds road crossing row

CAMPAIGN: Dot Mounteney and Roy Mawson, of Middleton Residents Association, at the junction.
CAMPAIGN: Dot Mounteney and Roy Mawson, of Middleton Residents Association, at the junction.
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A Leeds community is campaigning for pedestrian crossings to be installed on a ‘dangerous’ road.

But the exact location of where such a crossing should be sited is now causing a row.

Members of Middleton Community Group are pleading for a crossing around the Thorpe Lane area, near a busy three- way junction at the bottom of Middleton Park Avenue, in Middleton.

But there is also a call from other members for a crossing at the end of Sissons Road, near Middleton Park Avenue, at the location pictured.

But Middleton Park ward councillors have said the site for the first crossing where three busy roads meet, doesn’t meet the national criteria that would enable funding for it.

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Dot Mounteney, 63, chairman of the community group, who suggests a crossing across Sissons Road would be best, said: “Coun Geoff Driver (Lab, Middleton Park) said to us that it’s been designed wrong and that’s not our fault is it?

“It is just another case of them having no money, but how much does it cost a family if a child or grandmother gets run over? There are lots of old people down there.”

The three-way junction between Middleton Park Avenue, Throstle Road and Thorpe Lane, which incorporates a bus turn-around, is also seen to prevent people accessing local shops across Thorpe Lane.

She said: “If anybody goes to the shops it is surprising that they’re not run over, it’s so confusing and I think that would be better for Middleton Park Avenue if there was a crossing.”

Ms Mounteney said that around 20 members of the group, who meet at St Cross Church, in Middleton Park Avenue, have expressed concern over the lack of a crossing since it was first brought up around two months ago.

Despite the group’s pleas, it seems funding could be difficult to find as the road currently comes below PV Squared national guidelines in terms how much it’s used by pedestrians and vehicles.

Coun Judith Blake (Lab, Middleton Park) said: “We completely understand why people would want a crossing there but highways have to look at criteria to attract the funding.

“We would do everything we can to have a crossing there but it is a very difficult case when we haven’t got anywhere near the criteria we need to immediately trigger a response.”

She added that there have been four accidents in the last six years on the road, which the guidelines state is not enough to warrant a crossing. More investigation and further community meetings are to be held.

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