Leeds politicians urged to ‘do an Obama’

Photo: Maxwells/PA Wire

Photo: Maxwells/PA Wire

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LEEDS’s politicians should take a leaf out of Barack Obama’s book, and start using social media to boost their public profiles.

That’s the finding of a new survey which found that one in every five young Leeds voters say the American president is their favourite politician.

The research, by Mobiles.co.uk, asked 1,000 social media users aged 18–24 to rank eight politicians in order of how much they like them.

Nationally, Obama came out on top with almost a quarter of the total votes, followed by Boris Johnson, who gained a 23 per cent approval.

Jay Karsandas, digital manager at Mobiles.co.uk, said: “UK politicians can take inspiration from how Barack Obama has taken to social media, using it as the perfect opportunity to communicate with a younger audience. By communicating in a less conventional way, whether they tweet about their latest policies or share more selfies, they can set themselves apart from the competition and converse directly with younger voters.”

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