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Mr G hasn’t played in Leeds for years –that’s something Illusion and Just Jack are keen to rectify at The Garage in Leeds this Saturday.

The man known as Colin Bean has been a fixture on the scene for years. His deep tracky house and technotunes rely on huge bottom ends and the power of hypnotic seduction on labels like Rekids and Bass Culture.

His two albums have also been praised by press and punters alike, and the man himself is as inimitable as you could wish for. His live set is also something special, as those in attendance this weekend will discover. We caught up with him for a little Q&A before the weekend.

How did you enjoy playing the Boiler Room recently, do you think it’s a good service?

I had a ball although I wished the sound and video were better, but there’s always next time, right?

About your second album, was it a therapeutic process now you look back?

Hell yeah, but it was also during the toughest, darkest moments of my life and I’m still working though stuff.

Can you use making music as a way of escaping reality?

Of course, my music is my escape. With every one of my tracks I’ll know exactly how I was feeling at the time and when it was made, trust me.

How much does the music you make reflect your mood at a given time, or does it come from a deeper place?

All tracks are different – they reflect the way I live and the music I feel.

Is there anything that ties all your music together would you say?

There’s definitely a vibe, a sound, a piece of kit, a feeling? My Babe, Miss MPC, without her I’d be nothing – she treat me goooood.

Are there any of your releases you look back on and think ‘yeah, I nailed it with that one’?

I don’t think I’ve ever felt I’ve nailed one – I’m still looking for that perfect beat. I have my faves though. It’s strange because a lot of people seem to select my tracks and play them sometimes a year after their release.

The Garage is a really small intimate and raw club – do you like that kind of venue? Do you have a favourite sort of place to play?

As long as the sound is good and people come to party and I’ve got space to relax in and enjoy myself, then I’m there, yeah! My favourite place to play is Japan, the whole experience changes how you play and I find I really learn my craft there. I haven’t played Leeds as Mr G, but I did play The Orbit back in The Advent days.

What should people expect from one of your current sets and what will you do on the night?

Have fun and play with sounds while drinking some rum.

You’re a well known rum fan. What is your favourite and why?

Wray and Nephew. This drink is for those who know how to drink serious rum, but even I will sometimes get tripped up by if I disrespect it.

What else have you got coming up?

There’s a Ben Sims remix on the next Phoenix G, the Nu Bass Culture EP, a remix for Huxley. It just goes on from there – you know, just doin’ my thang.

Saturday, The Garage, Cross Park Street, Leeds, £8, 10pm to 6am.

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