Leeds: Boy involved in sex attack has sentence cut

A Leeds schoolboy who held a child down while a friend subjected him to a humiliating sex attack will serve only six months in custody after a decision at the Court of Appeal.

The boy was only 14 when he and an older teenager attacked their victim, pinning him to the floor while a vibrator was used in a serious sexual assault.

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He was originally sentenced to 18 months of detention and training at Leeds Crown Court in September, but has had that cut to 12 months, of which he will serve only half behind bars.

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Mr Justice Royce, sitting with Mr Justice Simon, said the crime was more akin to a violent, rather than sexual, assault and that the other youth had played the major role.

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But he said both boys, who cannot be named, had subjected their victim to a 'singly unpleasant and humiliating' assault, causing pain, distress and injury, and leaving psychological scars.

Challenging the sentence imposed, his lawyers argued that the assault bore more similarities with an assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The offence had been borne more out of bullying than any sexual motivation, the court was told.

Mr Justice Royce said: "We conclude that the sentencing judge was entirely right to pass a custodial sentence in this case.

But, bearing all the features in mind, we have reached the conclusion that the proper sentence on this appellant would have been one of a 12-month detention and training order."

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