Leeds: Bakers put to the taste for city's cupcake extravaganza

The baking craze now sweeping the UK after crossing the Atlantic is coming to Leeds.

Mojo's Bar on Merrion Street is hosting a contest designed to seek out the best in American-style cupcakes.

On Sunday, March 7, the city centre venue will host its seventh Iron Cupcake event.

The extravaganza is being organised by Zoe Biscombe, who is a pensions administrator for Asda.

Scholes resident Zoe, 29, bakes regularly for her colleagues and hopes turn-out for the competition will be good on the night.

She said: "I don't know what it is about cupcakes but everyone seems to enjoy them and there's no doubt they are getting more and more popular."

Bakers amateur and professional who reckon they can cut it when it comes to the sweet cakes, made of vanilla sponge and a myriad of coverings, are invited to bring their cupcakes along.

Judges, for just 5 a head including a drink, will be the audience.

The theme of the night is "citrus."

More information at www.ironcupcakeleeds.co.uk

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