Leeds acupuncturist proud of hayfever remedy

LEEDS acupuncturist Andrew Broch is proud of his remedy for the misery of hay fever.

As a sufferer himself, he wanted relief from the troublesome symptoms of sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose and headaches.

"But I couldn't walk around with pins stuck in my nostrils or hands," he said.

"So I thought about alternative acupuncture points and found the Qu-Chi point at the crease of the elbow. The results were fantastic – it worked immediately."

Andrew, who practises at Leeds Acupuncture Clinic on Street Lane, Moortown, then developed the Qu-Chi Band, a cotton and elastic wrap.

This is placed around the elbow joint so that a plastic button presses on the outer crease where the energy point (known as LI-11) lies.

This point has been used for thousands of years to treat conditions like eczema and joint problems.

In Chinese medicine terms, it pulls excess energy from the face and nose and so relieves the symptoms of hay fever and sinusitis.

"It is extremely easy to find the spot," said Andrew, 33, of Moortown. "This point also seems to work for other things such as allergy to pets and dust.

"We have trialed this for four years and have excellent testimonials.

"Sales have exceeded our expectations with more than 5,000 bands already sold."

The band is made to last for several years and, there is a version in pink.

Andrew says the effect of the band works for as long as it is worn, but pregnant women should not wear it.

The band sells for 12.95 from the Leeds Acupuncture Clinic; Nails 17, Roman Terrace, Roundhay; many pharmacies or online at www.Qu-Chi.com.

Daniel Bradley.

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