Leeds: 20mph limit call for school roads

Drivers who put schoolchildren's lives in danger in a Leeds suburb could be forced to slow down.

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Councillors in Horsforth are calling for the speed limit to be slashed outside schools following concerns from residents.

There are claims that drivers are exceeding the 30mph speed limit and endangering children's lives.

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Letters will be sent to people who live near schools in the town about the plans to drop the speed limit.

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If they are approved, the speed limit could be reduced to 20mph outside Featherbank Primary School, Newlaithes Primary School, West End Primary School and Westbrook Lane Primary School.

Coun Brian Cleasby (Lib Dem, Horsforth) said: "People who are driving in 30mph speed zones on average often drive at around 33mph and that is still too fast in front of schools.

"The scheme would bring peace of mind and there are a lot of people who take their children to school in their cars because of the dangers in the road. Hopefully we might encourage them to let their children walk."

He added: "Just think of the awfulness of having a serious injury or worse. The drop in the speed limit will be there to prevent this and to also make lives better."

Coun Chris Townsley (Lib Dem, Horsforth) said: "We have had complaints from residents around certain schools saying cars are travelling too fast and that it is just an accident waiting to happen."

The scheme follows plans from Education Leeds to increase the number of pupils at three schools in Horsforth.

Newlaithes Junior School and Featherbank Infant School could be turned

into all-age primaries for five to 11s to provide an extra 30 reception year places.

West End Primary School would also be expanded to accommodate extra pupils because of the higher than anticipated birth rate and movement of families into the area.

Over seven years of larger numbers joining the schools they would gradually fill to their maximum capacity, creating 315 extra places in Horsforth.

Three years ago a 20mph zone was set up around the town's centre including Town Street and the along Broadgate Lane, which runs past Broadgate Primary School and St Mary's Primary School.

Police recently put a speed indication device along Broadgate Lane and caught 16 drivers who were exceeding the 20mph speed limit.

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