Video: Britain’s tallest Maypole is raised

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It is a custom dating back centuries and it took place in Barwick-in-Elmet near Leeds yesterday – a village that is home to Britain’s tallest traditional maypole.

Extending to 86feet tall, the pole forms a central focal point in the village.

Every three years the Maypole is lowered at Easter for repairs and repainting before being put back up in May. To mark the occasion school children dance around the Maypole, a May Queen is crowned and there is a procession through the village.

Yesterday the event culminated in an attempt by local man Chris Brown to climb to the top of Maypole to spin its fox weather vane – which is thought to bring good luck to the village.

HIGH POINT: Villagers carry the maypole into position ahead of an ascent attempt. +PICTURE: James Hardisty




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