UFO spotted over Farsley

A UFO has been reported flying over Farsley.

The unidentified flying object was spotted by members of the public in different locations on Tuesday, February 10.

Spotters described it as a "fire in the sky" or alternatively as a number of orange lights.

A group of men spotted the "fire in the sky" over thew village.

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The sighting happened at around 7.20 pm and was seen by three members of Farsley Working Men's Club.

One of them, Paul Cybaniak, 50, said: "I was outside the club. There was what literally looked like a bonfire in the sky.

"It went across pretty slow. One of the lads said 'is it a 'plane?' but there was no noise.

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"It wasn't a helicopter. It seemed to go over Bramley and then just disappear.

"I'd gone into the club about 7.10 and got a pint, then somebody called me outside."

The UFO was also seen by John Baker, 38, and his wife Naomi, 29, who were at their home in Charles Street in Farsley.

"We were in the living room at home," said Mr Baker. "My wife said 'my God, what the hell is that?'

"I went to the window and there was this bright object moving across the sky. It went behind the flats. I went outside and saw this orange object.

"There was a plane further away which I could hear coming in to land.

"I could see the lights quite clearly and hear it quite clearly, but I couldn't hear the object. I wish I had taken a picture.

"My wife said 'it looks like it's on fire.'

"It did look as if it was actually burning. It went off into the distance. It faded off and went red in colour."

He said he had since looked at a Ministry of Defence website on UFOs and found a similar object.


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