Ex-girlfriend of corrupt detective is sacked by force

Andrew McCaren/Ross Parry
Picture shows police officer Tanya Strangeway ex fiance of

Andrew McCaren/Ross Parry Picture shows police officer Tanya Strangeway ex fiance of "corrupt" detective constable Nicholas McFadden, 38 who he was having an affair with duping wife Clair Mcfadden and making hundreds and thousands of pounds selling drugs that had been seized during police raids. The jury at Leeds Crown Court found "corrupt cop" Mcfadden guilty and had stashed thousands of pounds in the garage at the family home, made from pedaling drugs stolen from the police, covert compound and had even duped his wife, cheating on her while having an affair with, Tanya Strangeway,

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The ex-fiancee of a corrupt detective who made more than £1 million selling drugs confiscated from criminals has been fired for “discreditable conduct”.

Detective Constable Tanya Strangeway of West Yorkshire Police was given £10,000 giftwrapped in bundles of £20 and £10 notes as well as a £10,000 Audi car by Nicholas McFadden, a court heard last year.

West Yorkshire Police supplied picture of Nick McFadden.

West Yorkshire Police supplied picture of Nick McFadden.

McFadden, also a detective constable at the same force, was jailed for 23 years for helping himself to heroin, cocaine and cannabis confiscated from criminals and selling it on the streets for more than £600,000.

A confiscation hearing at Leeds Crown Court earlier this year was told how he made a total of £1,102,204.31 from his crimes.

West Yorkshire Police has now confirmed that Ms Strangeway, who had rekindled a “strong relationship” with the corrupt officer, was dismissed at a misconduct hearing in June for discreditable conduct. The allegations against her are thought to be linked to the supply of drugs, though she has never been convicted of any criminal offence.

She had previously lived with and been engaged to McFadden until their relationship ended in 2006, but she told a court last year that they became close again in 2011.

Detective Chief Superintendent Clive Wain, of West Yorkshire Police’s Professional Standards Department, said: “West Yorkshire Police expects the highest standards of professionalism from all officers and staff and will take appropriate disciplinary action against anyone who fails to meet those standards.”

Meanwhile, no decision has yet been made on the future of Paul Whiteley, the detective convicted last month of a drunken attack in a pub near Whitby.

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