Duck pond ring find saves Leeds couple a £4,000 bill

Chris Bowen hands back the ring to Suzanne Smith and fiance Ryan Fascione.

Chris Bowen hands back the ring to Suzanne Smith and fiance Ryan Fascione.

BRIDE-to-be Suzie Smith was in a flap when she lost her engagement ring during a quackers stunt at a family wedding reception.

The 22-year-old from Seacroft was in tears after the £4,000 ring slipped from her finger as she took a dip in a hotel’s duck pond.

The cherished ring sank to the bottom of the pond outside the King’s Croft Hotel in Pontefract on August 4.

The ring looked to be lost forever – until amateur metal detectorist Chris Bowen, who was working as a joiner at the hotel, waded in to help last week.

Miss Smith said: “We were at my fiance Ryan Fascione’s cousin’s wedding and had been drinking all day and night.

“For some reason we decided to go for a swim in the pond because it was all lit up and looked really pretty.

“But I pulled my hand out of the water and my ring had gone.”

“I was crying all that night and asking Ryan if he still wanted to marry me.”

Mr Bowen, from South Elmsall, near Pontefract, heard about the lost ring and asked hotel management if he could use his metal detecting equipment to look for it.

He said: “I fetched all my gear to work and went into the pond to look for the ring.

“Within about 15 minutes I had found it and told the hotel staff.

“They couldn’t believe it and after checking that it definitely belonged to the couple we arranged to meet so I could give it back to them.

“As it is worth so much the hotel checked its CCTV to confirm it was Suzie’s.”

Miss Smith said she never thought she would get the ring back. She added: “It means everything to me to have the ring back. It’s amazing. ”

The couple are due to get married at St James’ Church in Seacroft next August.

Mr Fascione, 31, said: “We just can’t believe we’ve got the ring back, we never thought we would.

“We can’t thank Chris enough for what he’s done.”




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